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As players arrived in Mankato today before the first Minnesota Vikings training camp practice tomorrow, there was something strange that many seemed to notice. For some reason, backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke showed up to the camp’s facilities with a cast on his left leg.

It was later revealed that his injury was the result of a crazy, freak accident. Earlier this month, Heinicke’s friend found himself locked out of his apartment after they had returned from a trip to the movies. The Vikings third-string quarterback then did what any other 23-year-old male would do and tried to help break into his friend’s apartment.

Unfortunately for Heinicke, his attempt to break down his friend’s door resulted in piece of broken glass severing a tendon in the quarterback’s left ankle. He reportedly had surgery shortly after the incident and the healing process is expected to take anywhere from two to three months.

Although he was the team’s third string quarterback in 2015, some felt that Heinicke had a legitimate shot in Minnesota’s upcoming training camp to challenge Shaun Hill for the Vikings backup job. Any hopes he had of that happening will have to be put aside for a few months at least.

On the plus side, at least Heinicke has a few good ideas of what to get his friend for Christmas this year.