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Here at Vikings Territory we have made the jump into the world of swag and hope to help you prepare for the upcoming season, and all of the trash talk that will surely come with it, by putting out a new line of t-shirts that allow you to declare all lands to be VIKINGS TERRITORY!

Start Some Trash Talk With NFC North Foes

Wisconsin State T-Shirt
Wisconsin / Green Bay
Illinois State T-Shirt
Illinois / Chicago
Michigan State T-Shirt
Michigan / Detroit
What good is a rivalry without a little bit of trash talk? We all have in-laws, co-workers, and acquaintances at the local sports bar that are all worthy of the occasional poking and prodding.

Declare war on your NFC North nemesis, and display confidence in a Vikings ability to conquer all, by proudly wearing these unique shirts behind enemy lines this season.

These shirts are perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner with Lions fans, for your annual pilgrimage to Soldier Field, or to make a statement with those few cheeseheads that have inevitably wormed their way into your life.

Take Your Confidence On The Road

Tennessee State T-Shirt
North Carolina State T-Shirt
North Carolina / Carolina
Pennsylvania State T-Shirt
Pennsylvania / Philadelphia
Florida State T-Shirt
Florida / Jacksonville
Do you live in a state where the Vikings will be playing an away game this year? Are you planning a trip into enemy territory to support your favorite team in the flesh? Let those around you know what’s up by flying the Vikings Territory flag on their home turf!

(Note: We didn’t do a shirt for Washington D.C. because we don’t condone flying any other flags in our Nation’s capital. We’re passionate, as Vikings fans, but know where to draw the line!)

Home Sweet Home

Minnesota State T-Shirt
Don’t worry, if you live in Minnesota, or a state that has a large population of Vikings fans but no NFL of its own, we’ve got you covered, as well!

Custom designs for those that live in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa are all available

South Dakota State T-Shirt
South Dakota
Iowa State T-Shirt
North Dakota State T-Shirt
North Dakota
Alaska State T-Shirt

Tell Us About Your Vikings Territory

We carefully picked our initial roll out of these shirts by choosing states that are filled with Vikings fans or on the away schedule. You may, however, wish that we would consider making a design for the land you call home and want to claim as Vikings Territory.

If you would like to put a bug in our ear as to what state or country or province you would have interest in purchasing a Vikings Territory shirt for, please CONTACT US and let us know. We’ll be sure to accommodate as many requests as possible when we unveil the second wave of shirts.

The shirts are made available for purchase through Amazon, chosen for their dependable track record when it comes to shipping and customer service, and all shirt designs can be viewed HERE.

Be sure to also check out our Vikings Territory Branded Shirt, our Donut Club shirt, our very popular Disgusting Act shirt, and keep a close eye out for future designs by checking back often.

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