2014 Offseason by Matt Engstrom
2014 Offseason by Matt Engstrom

I’m shocked. No, really, I’m so very super shocked.

If my most recent take on the Peterson situation wasn’t a big enough of a figurative eye roll towards all of the Peterson “reports” then imagine my reaction when ESPN’s Josina Anderson recently found a way to counter yesterday’s nonsense.

She tweeted that a source with knowledge of the situation told her “Adrian Peterson has not asked for a trade to the #Cowboys and has not had any conversations with (Vikings GM) Rick Spielman.”

Of course, we’ve already known that Peterson having a conversation with Spielman would’ve been a serious violation of the conditions of Peterson’s suspension, so that part is no surprise. Also, if Peterson is forbidden from having contact with the Vikings, then any report suggesting he requested a trade to Dallas is so very obviously suspect.

To be clear, Jason Cole never said Peterson met with Spielman, or even spoke with him. I plan to dissect just how outlets like Sporting News irresponsibly regurgitated Cole’s report and twisted the narrative greatly later on, so keep an eye out for that. I’m waiting for a response from Sporting News, as a courtesy, first.

Remember, we’re getting closer, but we still have a lot of cards that need to be played before we know how all of this will shake out.