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The start of free agency, and a trade for Mike Wallace, provided us a little relief from the ups and downs of the Adrian Peterson roller coaster ride.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports gives us a reason to jump back into that conversation, however. He has long held the belief, through his sources, that the Vikings intend to keep Adrian Peterson and that they want to find a way to make him happy to be there again.

Today, however, Robinson is saying that Peterson is not only still disgruntled, but that Arizona is prepared to make an offer to Minnesota if they want to trade their star running back.

All reporting on this situation, including our own, never seems to mesh with anything else being reported. Robinson’s report suggests that the Vikings have yet to put Peterson on the trade block which directly conflicts our own Arif Hasan’s report that the Vikings were actively trying to “dump” Peterson weeks ago.

If the Vikings do intend to trade Peterson this offseason, then the best possible scenario involves multiple teams seriously considering trading for him. This report from Robinson, plus a previous report that Tampa Bay was interested, could combine for an acceptable offer for the Vikings front office to consider.

At this point, the best analysis I can give comes in the form of a total cliche: “Expect the unexpected.”