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Announced just this morning, the Vikings and U.S. Bank have come to an agreement for the naming rights for the new Vikings stadium U.S. Bank Stadium.

For the sum of $220M, U.S. Bank was awarded the naming rights for 25 years and reports say U.S. Bank Stadium will be the name chosen. To add some perspective, Xcel Energy paid $75M for a 25 year agreement with the Minnesota Wild. The Minnesota Twins did not release the financial terms of the agreement with Target Corp for the the naming rights of Target Field, but I’d be willing to bet the Vikings agreement with U.S. Bank is the largest of it’s kind in state history.

It’s been long rumored that U.S. Bank were the frontrunners in the bidding war, which was no surprise given how many major sports stadiums are named after financial corporations.

With the City of Minneapolis hosting the Super Bowl in 2018, U.S. Bank stands a unique branding opportunity that surely drove up the cost of the naming rights.

This is yet another significant sign of progress as the Vikings gear up to open play in their new stadium in 2016.

Without a name, you don’t have a home. Although, this means my pipe dream of naming the stadium Teddy Bridgewater’s Magical Purple Palace of Touchdowns is likely over.