Vikings linebacker and all-around great guy Chad Greenway (@chadgreenway52) joins Purple FTW! to talk football, philanthropic work with his Lead the Way Foundation, the #MoreThanWords campaign, and his upcoming Day to Reach football camp this Thursday & Friday (July 9th-10th) in Hutchinson. Registration still available!

Other “Chad Could’ve Been a Gopher” Talking Points Include
• The Regional Boy Done Good backstory
• What it means to be a career Viking
• Glen Mason didn’t offer Chad a scholarship
• The genesis of the Lead the Way Foundation
• Day to Reach: A well-rounded football camp
• The Lake Minnetonka boat rescue story
• The #MoreThanWords campaign in concert with Vikings Territory, The Daily Norseman, Vikings Journal, Vikings Corner & The Vikings Age
• Breakdown of the Chad’s Locker Program
• Chad’s thoughts on the 2015 Vikings
• Is Mike Zimmer the “ZIMMER” we see in the media?
• Impact of Adrian Peterson’s return
• What’s different about Teddy Bridgewater
• Eric Kendricks assessment
• Coolest moment giving back: TendHER Heart Luncheon
• What will Chad do after he retires from football?
• When is retirement?…
• “The Andy & Chad Show”???

For more information on the programs run by Chad Greenway’s Lead the Way Foundation, visit

To donate to the #MoreThanWords campaign & help us reach our goal of $10,000, hit it here!

All that and other Vikings & Giving Back chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.


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