There is an old saying: “If you can’t beat ’em, trick them into joining you.”

Or something like that.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been neglectful of my duties here at VT of late.  I have all the normal excuses you’ve all heard from me before, and I won’t rehash them all right now, but I fear that life simply does not allow me the time to devote to writing that it used to.  This impacts the quantity, consistency, and quality of the work you all read on our pages.  Quite some time ago, I determined that this was unacceptable and something would have to change.

Talking about my gloomy forecast for our site with my trustee cohort, Brett, he said something to me this winter that stuck with me for quite some time.

“We need our own Arif,” he told me.

Brett was referring to powerhouse Vikings analyst Arif Hasan who most will recognize for his work over at Daily Norseman.  The statement stung a little bit, knowing full well that Arif was everything I wish I could be from a blogging standpoint.  His thoughtful, analytical, and informed onslaught of football articles had been pissing me off for quite some time… because there was no way for me to ever top it.

After our own version of Arif Hasan failed to materialize out of thin air, I decided to reach out to him, to see if he’d be interested in joining us here at Vikings Territory on a permanent basis.

He was.  And he has.

So, please join me in welcoming an incredible addition to Vikings Territory in Arif Hasan.

I am excited about the in-depth analysis and unique perspective Arif will bring to us here on a regular basis, but am also excited about what this means for the future of our site.  With Tom Pelissero no longer on the Vikings beat, I personally think we now have the best Vikings writer out there playing on our team, and that should instantly make Vikings Territory a premiere source for all things purple.