This is an exciting season for the Vikings and also for us here at Vikings Territory. This site has grown a lot since last season and we are excited about a few other things to come.

Still, I don’t want to lose our “little guy” atmosphere and thought I’d re-introduce myself to the masses.

I am Adam Warwas.  I’m 29.  I live near Bowling Green, Ohio and have for the last two years.  Prior to that, I lived and played in Valdez, Alaska for nine years.  I grew up in Monticello, Minnesota and have always been a Vikings fan.  I design power lines for a living and do my best to manage VT, and provide the occasional post, in my free time.  Previously, I spent a few years as the editor of Vikings Gab where I penned over 2,000 articles.

I have a beautiful wife, Emili, who keeps me sane on those frustrating football Sundays.  My boy Gates turns four next month, and my daughter Harbor just turned two.  More than anything, those three people are the center of my world, and if I’m neglecting my duties at VT it is usually because duty calls on the home front.

So, we have lots of old faces around here, but also lots of new ones.  I’ve “known” many of you for about a decade now, but I’d like to get the chance to know all of the new people, too.

Roll Call!

If you would, introduce yourself in the comments section of this thread, as I’d like to get to “know” each of you as we prepare for one hell of a fun season ahead.  Also, all you old faithfuls out there, please do re-introduce yourselves, too.

As for the rest of VT‘s writers, they have bios posted here, and we’ll soon be a part of a cool project over at that will let you get to know each of us a little better.