The Vikings have made a number of exciting additions this offseason.  The changes to the coaching staff might make the biggest overall impact, and the free agent signings might see more playing time, but I want to know which of the Vikings draft selections (and maybe even UDFA’s) might make the biggest impact as a rookie.


  1. Jabari Price. Was at the game Friday and he looks like he’s only going to get better.

    He’s not ROY tho, I think that’ll be TB. I just think Price deserves a little more attention.

  2. Don’t agree with Price. I was very unimpressed with him during the preseason game and don’t have him making the final roster. I think McKinnen or Barr have the edge here since they will be involved from week 1 with the team and making plays. Bridgewater will most likely take over at some point in the season, but would have to be amazing from there to make up the difference.

  3. I voted for McKinnon. He’ll get a lot of opportunities with the type of system Norv runs. Also I think he will be able to take some plays from Adrian, and I see that as a good thing to keep Adrian fresh.


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