Sorry for the delay on getting this out.  My Adrian Peterson hangover combined with my Thursday Night Football hangover has suddenly made other things feel like a higher priority… like raking leaves, taking naps, and finally watching Draft Day (dreadful).  My excuses have run out, however, so here we are.

After plenty of time to digest the debacle against the Packers I have determined that the Vikings looked exactly like something that has been fully digested.  It is a struggle to point to any individual performances from that game that are “Player of the Game” worthy.  Even in bad losses that is an unusual occurrence, but this game was an extra special flavor of bad.  That is why “none” is actually a legitimate option in this week’s poll.

Past Winners:

WEEK ONE:  Cordarrelle Patterson

WEEK TWO: Harrison Smith

WEEK THREE:  Harrison Smith

WEEK FOUR: Teddy Bridgewater

This week’s nominations are…

ADAM THIELEN:  The game was pretty much in the bag by the time Thielen got involved, but he did manage four catches off of five targets, each of which went for a first down.

The BUT:  His third quarter unsportsmanlike conduct penalty gave the Packers 15 yards in an even easier fashion than they were already getting them in.

CHARLIE JOHNSON:  He didn’t suck.

The BUT:  The offensive line sucked.

HARRISON SMITH:  Smith ended his day with six tackles, five solo, a tackle for a loss, and a Matt Flynn interception.  He was clearly the Vikings best defender, which is becoming the norm, but that didn’t come even close to being enough to matter.

The BUT:  That Jordy Nelson touchdown.  Yikes.

JEFF LOCKE:  He was a busy guy in this game with seven total punts and an average of 43.4 yards.  His longest punt was 56 yards, one was inside the 20, and the Packers never had a return longer than 11 yards (they returned four of them).

The BUT: Punter.