So, this morning I was doing the dishes and listening to the Purple For The Win podcast (baller life, yo) and I was surprised to hear host Andy Carlson pretty much throw in the towel regarding tight end Chase Ford’s chances of making the final Vikings roster.

Carlson has been championing Ford all offseason long, but he sounds like he’s pretty much conceded that Ford is a goner, and neither of his guests Ted Glover and Di Murphy seemed to disagree.  Ford has a broken foot that will cause him to lose out on time to prove himself to the new coaching staff, and it was also noted by Mike Zimmer that Ford’s tweet about his injury was not something that would be tolerated.

Last season, injuries forced Chase Ford into action as an unheralded rookie, but he made an impression with some notable performances.  That included a five catch performance against Detroit in the season finale.  He ended the season with 11 catches for 133 yards and seven first downs.

So, back to Ford’s current situation: Is he really someone we should dismiss so easily?

Kyle Rudolph is obviously someone that will be making the final roster as a sure-fire starter, barring an injury.  Behind him is Rhett Ellison who has established himself as a dependable and versatile utility man on offense, as well as a dependable special teams contributor.  Then we have journeyman Allen Reisner, upside rookie AC Leonard, and unfamiliar newcomer Mike Higgins.

It is hard enough for Ford win a roster battle if he is unable to participate in the battle.  Being a big mouth on social media seems to have rubbed his coach the wrong way.  I think that it is fair for everyone, include Andy Carlson, to be wondering if Ford will be afforded a third strike before he becomes an offseason casualty.