There is no doubt that bigger challenges than the St. Louis Rams are in our near future, but for now the Vikings are enjoying their first win of the 2014 regular season, a 34-6 blasting that resulted in a Gatorade bath for coach Mike Zimmer.  Before we move on to next week’s matchup against the Patriots, here are a few post-game quotes and comments to enjoy:

Mike Zimmer on winning road games after the Vikings 2013 struggles:

I actually heard a couple of the players talking about it today before we went on. I’ve said it all along: If you play smart football, if you play good techniques and good fundamentals, you can go out in the parking lot and do good. It’s more about how you play than where you play.

Center John Sullivan on the conservative play calls today:

Yeah, that’s the thing, we know the Rams have a great defense. They make it tough on you to score, make things a little chaotic. We just stuck with it.

Mike Zimmer on Josh Robinson’s performance (1 tackle, 2 defended passes, one INT):  

I’ve never been down on [Robinson], other than when he wasn’t practicing. Great athlete, a lot of speed. All these guys really, they have to do the techniques we’re trying to teach them to do. Saw [Robinson] a few times in the ball game when I was trying to watch the corners, thought he did some good things. The interception was a big play, obviously.

Adrian Peterson on Cordarrelle Patterson’s 67 yard touchdown run:

As soon as he got that pitch, I saw a great block by (Matt) Asiata and I threw my hands up because I knew he had the ability to take it the distance. I’m happy for him and we got the win most importantly. I’m going to sleep well on the flight back.

Cordarrelle Patterson on his big run:

When I get the ball in my hands, I want to be special. Running that run play, I think I’m 3-for-3 now in two years. Coach says nobody runs that play like we, the Minnesota Vikings do. It’s special to be back there.

Mike Zimmer on what this win means for the future:

I assume there won’t be many of these [lopsided games]. There’s some good things to take off this tape and a lot of things we have to correct.

Matt Cassel on playing the first week away from home:

“We got to that point in this game where the game was under control, we continued to pound the ball and we made some big plays. Then the crowd started to calm down, and at that point you feel pretty good about being able to go up (to the line) and everybody can hear the cadence and go from there.

Mike Zimmer on his gatorade shower after the victory:

I told them I don’t want any more until I win the big one.