Not too long ago I put life-long Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams on my list of the best remaining free agents for this team to target.  Williams appeared on air waves this week claiming that it might just be a real possibility.

“They might be trying to ease back in the picture,” he said of recent contact with the Vikings.  “We’ll know more maybe as the week goes on.”

Williams recently visited with the Patriots where he would presumably be part of a defensive line rotation, as he likely would be with the Vikings.  Williams has previously discussed a hesitance about playing a reserve role or even playing as a nose tackle, but when one is unemployed in June it is a sign that you are likely going to have to make some concessions or start looking for a life outside of the NFL.

These are facts and Williams is facing those facts, as evidenced by his changing tune.

“I think I still have some juice in the tank and to be in a nice rotation, it would maximize both for me and whatever team I’m with to both get the best from it,” he said.

Williams expressed that he would prefer to play for a contender with a proven quarterback and it isn’t clear if he views the Vikings as a team that fits the bill.  The Patriots certainly do. He has also been rumored to have drawn some interest from the Seahawks and Giants.

So, what do you think?  Would Williams be of benefit for the Vikings at this point or are you confident enough in their tackle depth to let him mosey on?