As always, inactives list have been released for every team, as well as injury reports. First the Vikings:

Asiata, Matt RB Concussion DNP FP Out Inactive
Line, Zach FB None N/A Inactive
Mauti, Mike LB None N/A Inactive
Watts, Brandon LB None N/A Inactive
Wentworth, Austin G None N/A Inactive
Yankey, David G None N/A Inactive
Barr, Anthony LB Knee LP LP FP Probable Active
Crichton, Scott DE Hip FP FP FP Probable Active
Floyd, Sharrif DT Knee LP DNP DNP Questionable Active
Griffen, Everson DE Neck LP FP FP Probable Active
Harris, Mike T Ankle DNP LP LP Probable Active
Jennings, Greg WR Rib DNP DNP FP Questionable Active
Kalil, Matt T Knee DNP Questionable Active
McKinnon, Jerick RB Low back DNP LP LP Probable Active
Munnerlyn, Captain CB Knee LP Probable Active
Rhodes, Xavier CB Anjke LP FP FP Probable Active
Rudolph, Kyle TE Abdomen/Groin LP FP FP Probable Active
Wright, Jarius WR Hamstring DNP Questionable Active

The Ben Tate signing will play a role right away, like many expected. Despite having been slowed down by injuries while at Cleveland, Tate will take on Asiata’s role while Asiata waits to get cleared for a concussion. I expect to see very few carries for Tate, and all of those carries to come with zone running plays. Tate is familiar with zone running, and the Vikings tend to play both zone running plays and man blocking plays in the run game. Though that would be a tell, it will still be better for Tate to do something he’s familiar with than run plays he’s never really worked with.

With Sharrif Floyd out, Shamar Stephen will start in his stead. I expect Tom Johnson to take most of the carries, as he’s the better defensive tackle of the two. As Brian Hall pointed out on Twitter, Stephen may be in on running downs, with Johnson in on passing downs. Given that Eddie Lacy has been performing well as of late, it makes sense to make those situational substitutions.

It’s disappointing that David Yankey cannot find himself active on a day when another guard, Austin Wentworth (who also plays tackle) is inactive. That said, Vlad Ducasse is active and has played both tackle and guard positions in the NFL.

Scott Crichton is active for the second time this season (the only other time was the first game of the season, against the Rams).

Then, the Packers

Bostick, Barrett TE Hip DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Bush, Jarrett CB Groin DNP DNP LP Questionable Inactive
Perry, Nick LB Shoulder DNP DNP DNP Questionable Inactive
Janis, Jeff WR None None Inactive
Gerhart, Garth C None None Inactive
Bradford, Carl LB None None Inactive
Tolzien, Scott QB None None Inactive
Lang, T.J. G Ankle DNP LP DNP Questionable Active
Sitton, Josh G Toe DNP LP DNP Probable Active
Elliot, Jayrone LB Hamstring LP LP LP Questionable Active
Matthews, Clay LB Groin LP LP LP Probable Active
Jones, Datone DE Ankle LP Questionable Active

The only significant inactive to me for the Packers is Nick Perry. The Packers are having linebacker issues, and outside linebacker Clay Matthews has played inside while the deep rotation on the outside has covered for his absence there on occasion.

That said, it’s interesting that both guards were DNP-LP-DNP, meaning they missed the first practice, were limited the second and were held out of the third practice again. They’re still active so it may not have a bearing on the game, but it could provide the Vikings a small equalizer up front with Floyd inactive.

Overall, after a healthy Week 11, the Vikings have been bit with the injury bug and are starting a little more behind than usual this week.