Seattle’s offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, Seattle’s defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles and Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton all have been reported to have interviews scheduled for the vacant head coaching position with the Minnesota Vikings.

No college head coaches have generated much buzz around Winter Park other than Bill O’Brien and Jim Mora… and talks quickly died down with them after reports surfaced that the Vikings had reached out to them.

The Vikings have taken their time so far with Ray Horton and Todd Bowles, leading me to believe Spielman might have his eye on, or would like to talk with, a coach that is still focused on winning playoff games.

 Darrell Bevell should interview with the Vikings sometime this weekend because the Seahawks have a bye weekend in the playoffs.

 Bevell is an out-of-the-box type candidate because he was on the Vikings staff from 2006-2010 but was shown the door when Leslie Frazier took over as head coach.

Spielman’s willingness to talk with Bevell now, leaves me scratching my head a bit and wondering if this is just a cat and mouse game Spielman is playing to disrupt the Seattle playoff run.

The one thing I do know is that the Vikings are working hard to keep offensive line coach Jeff Davidson in Minnesota. Davidson and Bevell have no real connection together that I know of, so my guess is Bevell might be a long shot to land the job.

 The idea of bring Bevell’s youthful energy, experience and knowledge working with the Vikings’ personnel is intriguing. It is no secret that Bevell and Brett Favre are good friends and have shared many great football moments together. Bevell as head coach and Favre as a possible offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach would certainly go a long way in Spielman’s effort to win the locker room back. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

But the guy on this list that I think might have a better shot being named the next Vikings’ head coach is Ray Horton. I will write more about Ray next week after he interviews with the Vikings on Tuesday.