The Vikings have announced nine of the ten players on their practice squad, and for the most part it is relatively predictable. Here it is:

Player Position
Mike Remmers OT
Joe Banyard RB
Chase Ford TE
Kain Colter WR
Donte Foster WR
Kendall James CB
Zac Kerin C
Justin Trattou DE
Isame Faciane DT
Austin Wentworth OT

The rumor about Dominique Williams’ practice squad invite did not bear out, but everything else fits. Austin Wentworth must clear waivers before he can sign with the Vikings’ practice squad, but he has already been invited. Two of my favorite longshots , Kerin and Faciane, did make it. The top performers on this squad are Trattou, Banyard and Colter, but other than DOnte Foster there aren’t any head scratchers to me (although I’m not a huge fan of Mike Remmers).

Expect things to change a lot during the season.