Adrian Peterson, who if you recall has been suspended by the NFL indefinitely (contingent upon counseling) and lost his appeal to get off the Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission List, is the subject of another story.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reports that the Minnesota Vikings do not plan to trade or release Adrian Peterson. That doesn’t mean much, as Hubbuch also indicates that Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman will reevaluate his standing with the team at the end of the season. Given that they cannot trade him until then anyway, it’s a bit of useless information.

Regardless, don’t read too much into this. The headline above refers to a well-known incident, where the Vikings repeatedly stated that they had “no intent” of trading Percy Harvin before they did so.

Trading Adrian Peterson would only incur a dead space cost of $2.4 million for the 2015 season and free up $13 million in cap room. The same is true of releasing him.