I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve just about thrown in the towel on the whole mock draft thing this year.

It isn’t for a lack of preparation.   It isn’t a lack of confidence in my evaluations.  It isn’t for a lack of reading “this will 100% happen” or “there is no way that happens” from various media outlets or from fans.  It certainly isn’t for a lack of caring.

I just find this draft class to be so incredibly unpredictable.  The lack of quarterback talent will test teams with the need for a new one.  The incredible depth at the defensive line and secondary positions makes it very hard to stack the talent with any conviction.  With the Vikings now having two first round picks to work with, and a roster with plenty of needs, their draft possibilities seem even more endless than usual.

Setting all that aside, however, I now present you with my final 2013 NFL Mock Draft with just hours to go until the real thing goes down tonight.

I have decided to give the Vikings a well-known linebacker and an often-mocked defensive tackle, and the results in full can be seen right here.

Get ready for a wild evening, Vikes fans!  We’ll be here all night to give insight and opinions as the action unfolds.

Don’t touch that channel!

Adam Warwas (Founder) is a case study in how the human male can allow a hobby to turn into a life-consuming obsession. After serving for about three years as the Editor at Vikings Gab, he decided to branch off on his own and start Vikings Territory, hoping someone might accidentally visit the site from time to time. Now, he is thrilled to present you with one of the most comprehensive and analytical Vikings sites that you are going to find. More than anything, he hopes you enjoy reading VT as much as he enjoys putting it together.


  1. Your mock is just as good as anyone’s this year Adam. If you get 5-10% right in this crazy draft, then you should be justifiably proud. This draft may go down as one of the craziest ever. Get your popcorn ready!

  2. If you all can make it down here to Katy Texas in about 6 hours I will be doing some, chicken, salmon, shrimp, burgers and dogs on the grill. Got 36 adult beverages marinating in 65 lbs of ice. Got Texans, Cowgirls, Dolphin and Brown fans all coming over.

  3. As usual, my final mock draft won’t be ready until Monday, but what it lacks in punctuality, it makes up for in accuracy. I’ve nailed it 100% accurate for 6 years running.

    • I agree Cal, I think the Vikes would be wise to trade down with one of there 1st rounders. Being in the top of the 2nd round and still getting an extra pick or two would be huge for this team.

      • good value guys falling would be a good reason to use both of the firsts. otherwise, trade down (which, unfortunately, might be the goal of a lot of teams) and use the depth to get DTs and WRs later

      • Damn my head is spinning. All I know is some fans are gonna be pissed and some are gonna be happy. It’s going to be a fun and drunk evening.

        • gonna be some very happy and newly rich people and their families, too

          good for the ‘little guys’ in the world, who are really big guys

  4. This is definitely going to be a fun one to watch unfold. I’ve whipped up a batch of “bathtub gin” and have ten or so buddies rolling over to take it all in. The Bengals, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans, Rams, Dolphins and of course VIKINGS will be represented!

  5. don’t ask how i ran across this, or why i’m posting it, i just think it’s funny. in 1016…

    Edmund Ironsides – Stabbed in the anus by a Viking hiding in his toilet.

  6. I’m stuck at work until 5. I’m recording though.
    I was going to include my mock here but I just don’t have time. Instead, I’ll do like Tomb and send mine in on Monday. Be curious to see if Tomb and I have any discrepancies. .

    And I just have to say this; I got a BAD feeling about Manti teo’ I REALLY, REALLY hope we don’t take him and go CB, DT instesd.

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