We are still working our way through the newest crop of Vikings hopefuls that were drafted this weekend, taking an in-depth look at each, but this week Vikings.com offered an insiders view of the Vikings war room.

The video can be viewed by clicking here, which you should do.

The video starts of with the phone call to Xavier Rhodes, who the Vikings selected 25th overall on Thursday night, but gets even more fun when the cameras return to film to process that led up to the trade with New England for the 29th spot.  You can feel the excitement in the room, even from owners Zygi and Mark Wilf, and when the coaches take turns speaking with Cordarrelle Patterson you feel like they consider this Draft to be their first victory of 2013.


  1. this draft set up nicely after last year’s taking of kalil. by having him, we avoided being lumped in with all the other teams taking OL this year and went against the grain, stealing floyd. lucky for us

    are we going to be saying, CP to CP?!!!?!!! this kid had better be worth it

    there’s no reason to not get a title soon with this team. sometimes, like maybe with ponder i think, you have to remove any excuses to fail. can you imagine winning our first title playing outdoors in mn? purple people eaters, baby!

  2. That’s good stuff, Adam, thanks for posting. Pretty professional setting in there – I’m impressed.

  3. Yeah, that was cool Adam! Still think it was a bit much…I Like what coach Stewart said, “I expect you to come in here and be a professional.” If Patterson does that, he just might be worth it!


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