We are doing things a little different this year, trying an alternative from our normal live chat format, and have installed a chat room for readers to gravitate towards as the evening wears on.

The link to the chat is on the menu at the top of the screen or you can access it by clicking right here.

What hasn’t changed is our request that users keep the discussion at PG-13 rating (at the worst) for the sake of our younger fanbase.

What has changed:

  • The format is much more bare-bones.  It won’t look as pretty.  We know it, we understand it, and we hope you are as ok with that as we are.
  • Brett and I will pop in and out, but this new format allows us to let you all have free reign of the place, while we focus on content for the blog.
  • You will have to select a username and log in to participate.
  • The chat will begin when you log in, so you will not be able to see what has been previously said in the chat.  Make sure not to close out of your screen if you want to take in the entire conversation.
  • If you have any problems please us the “Contact Us” page to let us know and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

I would just like to say “Thank You” to our super awesome MVP-reader “Harvest” for setting this up for us all even though he won’t even be able to participate tonight.  He volunteered a lot of time to make sure you all enjoy yourselves this weekend and I would appreciate you all giving him a big “thanks” in the comments sections, as well.


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