There are a ton of interesting storylines and position battles that hang in the balance of tonight’s preseason game.  Oh, and the Vikings are playing football.  That is why we are hosting a live chat tonight for discussion with fellow Vikings fans throughout all of the action.

You can CLICK HERE to join in on the conversation.

We’ll plan on getting started just before kickoff, but the new chat room is open 24/7 so feel free to join in whenever you like.

I’ll bring the lutefisk!


  1. Sorry I missed the chat guys. I really don’t know what to say about this offensive performance? I know it’s preseason and AD didn’t touch the ball but damn this group has a long way to go in just 2 weeks. Can we please get an NFL caliber quarterback on the roster already? I hope they fine the piss out of that dude that put the cheap shot on Kwill’s knee, that was totally uncalled for.

  2. It would help if the o-line would block somebody. What is up with Kalil? He is playing horrific. O-line is stinking the joint up.


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