I am still in the process, as is Brett, of getting a grasp of all the details surrounding the Percy Harvin trade and contract before weighing in with my full opinion.

Running back Adrian Peterson isn’t waiting though, and his review isn’t glowing:


Peterson then put a little more of a positive spin on the situation by giving Harvin a friendly sendoff Twitter style:


Peterson is right to feel like he got kicked in the stomach.  The offense just took a big step backwards by losing a Pro Bowl receiver and high quality running back, not to mention the special teams just lost an All-Pro return man.  The Vikings are sure to take some steps forward on offense in the coming months, but the offseason started with one giant step backwards.

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      • POS as a person seems a touch harsh…I hear a lot of 3rd person crap about how “awful” he is, but never first person.

        I’ll trust AD’s opinion on this one…I think he knows him better than you.

        • Agreed its all 3rd person, but think about the people you knew while playing football Ive played with a lot more than 1 I would describe that way… this guy got in a fight with all of his coaches, threw weights at Chilly(altho I may have too), demanded a trade, wanted to walk off the team(and basically did mid season), and was friendly with Randy Moss… I just use the facts to form the opinion.

  1. AD posted simlilar tweets when Sidney left town. AD is a great player, but I don’t think I’ld want him running my franchise on the business end. He’ll get over it.

    • He never said anything like “The best all around player I ever seen or you’ll ever see!” about Squid.

      Yeah, he’ll get over it, but it’ll take me longer.

        • Yeah, but Percy is better than those guys. It sucks to lose him. But if he didn’t want to be Viking…best to let him go. At least we got a 1st rounder. Officially have zero receivers now.

  2. The dumba$$ cliche thats been tossed around for a while is: you cant let someone with a bad attitude show the other players the coach is out of control.
    Well, now players know they force their way out if they throw a tantrum or two.

  3. Don’t get me wrong here, AP is a beast and a humble, classy guy. However, if he liked Percy that much, he should have taken the leadership role and taught him how to be a good team mate and not a pain in the arse and throwing a temper tantrum every time he did not get his way.

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