It is finally here. Week 1 of the regular season. Games that actually count!

The Vikings travel to Detroit to take on the Motor City Kitties – one of four tough games to open up the season.

The Vikings come into the game relatively healthy despite the fact that Kevin Williams will sit this one out. (Rookie Shariff Floyd will start in his place.)

Make sure to join the live chat during the game to chat it up with some of the best Vikings fans around.

My prediction for the game? I got the Vikings 27-24.

Enjoy Vikings fans!

Brett Anderson (Founder) is a passionate Viking fan hailing from Sin City, Las Vegas. He can remember, as a child, scraping his knee on the playground and his friends being completely shocked by the purple blood trickling from the wound. When Brett isn't scouring the Internet for some semblance of Vikings news, he enjoys blindly putting money on them to beat whoever their opponent may be, and daydreams about being their next Tight End. Brett graduated from UNLV with a degree in Architecture and specializes in web/graphic design; he hopes to provide this site’s visitors with the best Vikings experience on the net.


  1. First Christian Ponder is trash.

    Second we need to bring back Antoine, nobody other than Smith can tackle in our secondary.

  2. Ponder and Musgrave both get solid F’s for today’s performances. I continue to be amazed that Musgrave does not use spread formations to open things up for Peterson. When your formations continue to bring the defense right to the ball carrier it’s going to create problems if the defenders stay disciplined. On the first play from scrimmage the Lions weren’t disciplined, over-ran the box and Peterson exploded. For the rest of the game our stacked formations just killed us. The Lions brought the heat on nearly every play and Adrian never had a chance (neither did the O-line). As for Ponder, even when he’s completing passes his terrible accuracy is a killer. Jerome Simpson’s ridiculous acrobatic catch on that deep ball should have been a walk in TD if the ball was placed correctly. I saw a lot of what I expected today but it is very frustrating to see.

  3. It’s finally came. The moment when I have 100% given up on ponder. It’s so frustrating. As for the defense yes they played bad, but they were on the field so much I can’t blame them. We had something like 19 plays in the first half, and ponder was constantly going 3 and out or throwing a pick. It can be easy for an nfl defense to have to stop a team like the lions on so many drives starting so close the the end zone. It’s over for ponder, and the worst part is we don’t have a plan b, and were probably still to good to get a top ten pick and a franchise qb in the draft.

    • “We’re probably still too good to get a top ten pick,” I can agree with…but cannot get a franchise QB? Andy Dalton and Kaepernick went in round 2 of that very same draft.

      Yes, we CHOSE Ponder over Dalton and Kaepernick.

      Let that sink in for a moment.

  4. One other thing I don’t understand about the offensive game plan is why Patterson wasn’t on the field. I think his first appearance was late in that third quarter with a screen pass he almost broke for a TD. I can’t argue with having Simpson on the field with his production today (I would take the slant route off of his list of approved routes), and Jennings needs to be out there due to the contract he signed, but Patterson should be the third guy on the field over Wright and they need to use three wide sets a hell of a lot more often than they did today. Get Patterson in there and start faking some reverses to him to hold the DE’s and LB’s from crashing on AD and you might see some of those three yard loses becoming 5 yard gains. I’m actually more depressed about Musgrave than I am Ponder right now. I’m not expecting Ponder to magically become an accurate decision-sound passer. Musgrave came up with a stinker of a game-plan in the GB playoff game last year and again showed today that he couldn’t adjust until the team was down ten points late in the third quarter and when your QB is average to bad like Ponder is, that isn’t going to lead to a lot of wins.

  5. Kalil concerns me. Got lucky on that off-sides call. Ponder never makes pre-snap adjustments. It’s like the play HAS to work out exactly as it’s drawn up, or he’s lost. LBs are scary. Good to see the DEF create turnovers, but fundamental break downs cancelled those out. I wish we had them on the ropes in the first half that they kept the heat on the other team. They seem to coast when we are on top.

  6. Well, that was worse than I thought it was going to be. About as ugly as a game can get.
    I have no idea what Musgrave/Frazier were thinking with those bunched up formations. And where the hell was Patterson? He’s a first round draft choice and he sees one snap?

    Ponder is done. There can be no question about it. Third season and still inaccurate, scared, can’t go thru progressions and just simply said; No football sense. I really wonder if all those roll outs to his left were designed or just Ponder being scared and getting out of the pocket. Not ONE audible did I see.

    I really can’t blame our defense for the poor showing. They were on the field for most of the game. Harrison Smith is a Stud!

    This team is easily fixed with 3 moves;
    -New Head Coach
    -New Offensive Coordinator
    -New Quarterback

    In other words, we’re screwed for the next 2-3 years.
    Glad Wilf didn’t extend Frazier’s contract. . .

  7. As bad as Squander consistanly ruining all momentum, and not being able to create any is Frazier sticking with him, and NEVER calling him out. Dennis Green would never coddle such an untalented drive killer like Squander. People said Webbs passing was bad? Squander is all over the place and is going to get someone killed. Yes, fire the coach, OC and Squander. He is NOT an NFL QB and never will be.

  8. this game easily could’ve ended in a worse score for us than it was. detroit was not good

    • Detroit was not good?? I guess you’re right. . .except for their QB, their RB and their defensive line and their ability to score 34 points. Other than that, their pretty bad. 🙂

      • Detroit played terrible, they should have won by 30. Take away the penalties and AD’s big run and it would have been a blowout. 7 is awful and 16 is no better, I think MBT or….. Drumroll please…. 5 aka TIM TEBOW would be our best options this year(picture Tebow/AD/Webb/Patterson running the read option).

      • Getting Reggie Bush was an outstanding move for Detroit and is really going to open up their offense much like it did today. That’s a good football team we got beat by today, but with the amount of mistakes they made in the first half we should have been able to build a much bigger lead which likely changes the outcome. Keeping it close enabled them to keep the run available which negated some of our pass rush. I have no problem with Frazier as a head coach, but he needs to make the tough call and get rid of the offensive coordinator. His loyalty ultimately may cost him his job if our offense continues to be so predictable and easy to stop, and I say that more regarding Musgrave than Ponder because Spielman is just as invested in CP7. Ponder turning the ball over 4 times today is unacceptable (and yes, that fumble was 100% on him, you don’t try to hand off when your falling down and drive the ball into your RB’s thigh). The three picks all involved deflections and hits but they were all poor throws and decisions as well.

      • Fran,
        Your right, That was a tough game to watch.
        Ponder looked like he was in his 1st game. He is in the make or break 3rd year, I wish I could say I was surprised
        Not so much.

  9. Musgrave is pathetic, in my opinion he wasn’t even a good coordinator in Atlanta, the offense has gotten much better since he left. As for Ponder, well that was painful to watch, he lacks any urgency in the huddle and at the line, he failed to make any adjustments and his accuracy was generally poor. The defense was disappointing, but given how poor the offense played I don’t think you can make a fair assessment. It’s not a lack of weapons, it’s just poor game design. If Lions hadn’t played so poorly and had a few things go there way, they would have racked up a 50 burger on us. They need some big improvement before next week.

  10. I understand everything being said here guys, not much to disagree with except how we seem to be giving our defense a free pass. The defense can get themselves off the field by making stops. Yes offensive ball control is nice, but when that’s not happening, they still have a job to do. In spite of how the offense looked, 24 could have been enough. In spite of it all, the defensive performance was every bit as concerning as was that of our offense. When a team lights you up for 34 points and 460 yards, you haven’t been much of any help to your offense either.

    • Im with you coach, Harrison Smith played his rear end off but that was it. Allen looked solid, Robison had a few flashes and we shut down Megatron but that was it. Our defense got smoked due to terrible tackling by everyone(Samford missed a lot of tackles) but our secondary not named smith was especially bad at tackling.
      Our concerns this offseason were validated; our LBs suck! Greenway is a great tackling LB(not great coverage LB) but Henderson and Mitchell were awful all around. The one INT Henderson had was gift wrapped so he doesn’t get credit for that and without that play the only highlights our LB’s were in was chasing Reggie Bush.

  11. Look around the league guys. Thru 13 games right now only ONE team of 26 played allowed more than our 34 allowed today. Meanwhile our 24 scored was tied for fifth among 26 teams. Offenses around the league are struggling early. We did NOTput up enough defensive resistance by any means today. Atlanta’s offense much improved? Put up 17 on the Saints today.

    Yes we have issues on offense. We may have more on defense.

    • The defense certainly could have played better too coach, particularly in the tackling department, but I can understand the struggles more on that side of the ball mainly because we had three different starters in the triangle for todays game and got gashed right up the middle many times. Combine that with two pretty young starters in Rhodes and Robinson (both of whom I thought played pretty well) in the secondary and I would expect a team like Detroit to put up some yards. That being said, allowing 34 points is not a good recipe for a win and they do deserve some blame. My biggest worry is that both Jared Allen and Chad Greenway seem to be a step slower so we may need more of our younger players to start acting like Harrison Smith and play better than their game experience says they should. I call the offense out mainly because we are returning all 5 offensive lineman and the only changes that were made from the end of last season (adding Patterson and Jennings) should make this group perform at a higher level. There is no reason they should play as poorly as they did today. Turnovers kill you in the NFL and our QB had 4 of those. The biggest positive that came out of todays game was Sullivan’s knee holding up to that BS cheap shot Suh threw at it. I thought his season was done when I saw him on the ground.

    • Coach in your opinion how much longer should Denzel give ponder and muskrat before pulling the plug? Its very obvious some of these folks are in way over their heads

      • I’m no coach but I’ve gotta say a while. I hate watching our offense struggle like it did today but we have to endure it the rest of the year.
        Matt Cassel is a Christian Ponder clone, so there would be no improvement switching there. MBT I have always liked but if he was capable of starting and playing QB in the NFL he wouldn’t still be a 3rd stringer behind these 2 noodle arms.
        As for the coaching situation Frazier is on the last year of his deal, why not let it ride out. We are stuck paying him either way and would just have to pay an interm HC more to finish out the season. We also don’t have an assistant coach on our team who should even be considered as a replacement so we’d need to look outside our team.
        Is there a 3rd Harbaugh brother? please say yes!

      • You know johnny, if an offense plays that poorly and still puts up 24… In picking the Vkes to win yesterday I had us scoring 24. What killed us were the three INTs and a poor defensive performance. I’m not close to benching or firing anyone. But everyone better jack it up this week.

        • Plenty of blame to go around Coach, on both sides of the ball, and the coaching.

          In any case, you are right that if we show up against the Bears and pull out a victory, people will have short memories.

    • I have to disagree with you Coach. Our defense played poorly, 34 points says it all.
      But our biggest problem is our offense, by a long shot.
      And I’m not taking our offense to task, I’m saying that Ponder and our offensive coordinator are the main reason for our loss today.
      I see our defense doing nothing but getting better this year and years to come but I’ve seen our offense remain stagnant for the past 3 years and no improvement in sight.
      Ponder is Ponder; inaccurate, scared, poor mechanics, not much of an arm and for all his MBA’s and such, he has no football smarts, it seems. Pretty much exactly what he was when we drafted him 3 years ago. No grow.
      Musgrave looks to me to be one of the worst OC’s in the game. If he ever makes any game-time adjustments, they’re so subtle, they’re invisible.
      And you can blame it all on that meaningless Redskins game a couple years ago. . .

      • Fran our offense was atrocious but our defense was poor as well(Looking at you 33). I think we played well vs Megatron and I liked our DL getting their hands up and tipping so many balls at the line but other than that it was poor all around. Oh yeah and Harrison Smith is Awesome!

      • Always appreciate a little disagreement, Fran. Tell me, though what do you think of the OC’s whose teams scored 2, 7, 9, 10, 12, 16, 17, 17, 17, and 18 yesterday? Those teams have QBs like Matt Ryan, Ben Rothlisberger, Russell Wilson… Offenses all around the league struggled yesterday. So did Detroit’s, and they STILL put up 34 on us. Sorry, our defense failed every bit as much as our offense from my point of view.

        Fran, we all know that yesterday’s performance by the Vikes contained poor blocking and pass protection, poor tackling and very little pressure on Stafford. I feel that’s why we lost.

        • Bud,
          I was too emotional to think right after the game.
          What your saying makes sense…

          • Hey its dang frustrating to lose like that, I know, Fran, and Leslie knows darn well his team was not adequately prepared. I’m not making excuses for Ponder either. Some of his interceptions make me wanna spit in his ear. Let’s see what comes of all this.

            • “Spit in his ear”
              NOW you’re talking Coach! If only Coach Frazier would do that.
              At least kick a little dirt, yell at a Ponder, er, I mean player. SOMETHING!
              Yeah, I’m about as frustrated as a Vikings fan as I’ve ever been (And we’re talking 50 years here)

              And to answer your question; I don’t think much about other OC’s and could care less how many points their offenses scored. I care only that all I’ve seen out of Musgrave is the same old Sh**, for the past 3 years.

              I’m pretty sure we’re pretty screwed for the next 2-3 years and that just makes me SO sad.
              I actually think we’d me better off at this point in just starting over;
              -Get rid of Frazier (He can join the tour of the motivational speakers for the “I just want everyone to like me” folks)
              Get rid of Musgrave (He’d be a shoe-in for the head coaching job at Bishop High in Ca.)
              Get rid of Ponder (He’d make a place for himself as a decent backup in the CFL)
              Trade AD for a QB, and a couple first round picks and let the poor guy go to a team that has a snowballs chance of seeing a Super Bowl.
              We are so freaking behind the curve that I really think these three moves would be the best for the team.

  12. Dont underestimate what the absence of KWill did on the D-Line. Not only did they not have his physical self out there, but the entire rotation was screwed up. Floyd was asked to play considerably more than he would have been. Some of those holes Hey Reggie squirted thru might not have been there with KWill on the field.

    Shout to Harrison Smith…..gotta love that guy!

    • I’m sure KWill would have made a difference. At least he could have given Floyd some breaks. And where the hell was Bishop? We’re getting gashed nonstop with their running game and I don’t think the guy played a down. Isn’t he touted as a run stopper?
      Cordelle Patterson? One down played the entire game.

      • Ditto Fran. The defense hasn’t been the same since Pat Williams was thrown away Who’s the genius that thought Letroy what’s his name and Fred Evans could replace Phat Pat?

      • Hopefully Bishop plays some next week.
        I really don’t understand one down for C Patterson myself, I thought they would have had a few plays in mind for him…

  13. Ok the heck with it I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s time to throw MBT to the wolves and see what happens? He has twice the potential of Ponder and Cassel combined. A few more growing pains won’t be any different than what we have now. Bye bye Muskrat in the process.

    • Johnny I don’t disagree with you there. The ONLY thing that makes me think this is a flawed idea is the fact that MBT never passed Cassel or Webb. As much as we hate on them NFL coaches do know quite a bit more than us (except maybe Mike Tice) and nobody has seen enough to move him over either backup. But if we get to week 6 under .500 I say what the heck lets see what we got.

    • I don’t disagree either Johnny. Although I think it prudent to give Ponder a couple more games to see if he can pull a rabbit out. Pretty sure the guy is a bust but what do we have to lose? We’re not going anywhere with this coaching staff anyway.

  14. One game. We’ve played one game. This is the same QB and OC who played a big role in ending last season on a win streak to the playoffs. I don’t like what I saw yesterday either, but.I think there’s a need to see how the team responds. And like I said, I am more annoyed by the 34 than the 24 in
    yesterday’s score.

  15. possible QB change timing –

    sept. 30th at our bye would be ideal to have the most time to make the adjustment before our next game, but it’d be too early in the season for les and rick to give up on ponder, unless we’re 0-4 and he’s REALLY bad

    nov. 8th would give us ten days to the next game to adjust

    maybe we’ll get changes at both times, cassel on sept. 30th, then mbt on nov. 8th, hehe (lol for freds)
    actually, i think we’re stuck with the big reach for most of the year

  16. Yes guys. The TEAM failed. It’s the same thing since Tice was coach. When the defense is playing good, like they did to start the game, the offense pukes. On the other hand, when the offense finally lights a fire, the defense can’t get off the field and gives up points.
    We kept them in the game with turnovers and ineptness when we could of put our foot down. Allowing, again, a refs payback call to take the wind out of the sails. When soo many things are going your way, like they were for the vikes in the first half, you need to captilize. Not run a script for the sake of running a script.

  17. After reflecting on things I’ve decided we all have it wrong. We obviously lost the game because Bradley Randle did a bad job pretending to be Reggie Bush in practice during the week. It’s his fault!
    Jared Allen did man up and say 24 points on offense should win you the game. This really was a team loss all the way around. Hopefully it will give them a serious wake-up call because they need to steal a couple road win’s if they plan to be back in the playoffs this year.

  18. All I know is that was one of the most painful NFL openers I’ve ever watched… has Ponder ranked 29 of 32 starting QB’s in the “Looking for Development” group. How.Long.Must.We.Wait…

  19. What a game! Man was I wrong about Big Reach. This guy has WAY more upside than Cleo Lemon. WAY MORE.

    …and Musgrave? Forget about it! That dude can make adjustments like Freds with his boxers on a Sunday morning (I haven’t seen it, I just hear things).

    Say what you want about the DL leaning back on it’s heels the entire game, but it’s clearly a ploy to psych out our opponents. Come November/December, this will pay serious dividends.

    Don’t know about you guys, but I’m pumped for this year.

    p.s. anybody have a sarcasm bib? It’s dripping down my legs at this point.


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