Well, the Warwas clan has officially purchased their first house and are all moved in, albeit with much chaos and little organization.  Very importantly, however, we have our DirecTV tuned in and the internet working.  In other words:  I’m back.

I’ve missed a lot in the last couple of weeks, so here are a gathering of thoughts for you to chew on during this (yawn!) bye week.


Christian Ponder’s bruised rib seems sketchy.  Almost as sketchy as expecting Matt Cassel to be any sort of real answer.  Both players are failing the “eye test” and the Vikings delayed the inevitable, via a well-timed sack of Big Ben, which is blowing up the quarterback position and starting fresh in 2014.  I still firmly believe it is coming.


Remember when the Vikings reportedly pursued Josh McDaniels as their offensive coordinator before settling for Musgrave?  I find myself wondering if Christian Ponder’s career path would be different under new direction.  I also find myself wondering if Musgrave’s scheme is too complicated for the now-truncated preparation period NFL teams have in the offseason and preseason under the new CBA.  His offense seems to have started slow two years in a row now.


Things are such a mess right now on defense that I can’t even begin to pinpoint what exactly is going wrong.  Is the idea that they could gamble more backfiring despite Xavier Rhodes being as good as advertised?  Did the defensive line really age that much in one year?  Are the linebackers just not talented?  Is the scheme outdated?  You tell me, because I’m at a loss, and apparently Alan Williams is, too.


I know, I know, I’m a broken record here.  But still, have you guys seen what Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles are doing this year?  Bush was signed for $4 million per year by the Lions… money the Vikings had available at the time which could have purchased a whole other section of the playbook.  I said it then, and I stand by it, the Vikings should have signed him.


Rumor has it the Vikings talked to the Colts about Toby Gerhart, or the Colts talked to the Vikings, prior to the Trent Richardson trade.  We don’t know how those talks went, but Rick Spielman should be on the phone with Oakland this week gauging their interest in a young, healthy running back to help out their injury ward.  Gerhart is in a contract year and is unlikely to net much in the way of a compensatory pick (because the Vikings need to sign some help this offseason), so they should be looking for a deal.


Vikings fans seem overwhelmingly opposed to Spielman sticking his nose into the mess in Tampa Bay.  I understand the sentiment, but I also think there is some possibilities here.  It isn’t often that a clearly talented (but clearly inconsistent) quarterback can be had for what I assume is relatively inexpensive compensation.  Trading away a mid-to-late round pick and getting a jump start on next year’s revival of the quarterback position may not be the worst thing for this team to attempt at the moment.  I’m mixed on it, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the proactive approach from our front office.