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We are doing things a little different this year, trying an alternative from our normal live chat format, and have installed a chat room for readers to gravitate towards as the evening wears on.

The link to the chat is on the menu at the top of the screen or you can access it by clicking right here.

What hasn’t changed is our request that users keep the discussion at PG-13 rating (at the worst) for the sake of our younger fanbase.

What has changed:

  • The format is much more bare-bones.  It won’t look as pretty.  We know it, we understand it, and we hope you are as ok with that as we are.
  • Brett and I will pop in and out, but this new format allows us to let you all have free reign of the place, while we focus on content for the blog.
  • You will have to select a username and log in to participate.
  • The chat will begin when you log in, so you will not be able to see what has been previously said in the chat.  Make sure not to close out of your screen if you want to take in the entire conversation.
  • If you have any problems please us the “Contact Us” page to let us know and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

I would just like to say “Thank You” to our super awesome MVP-reader “Harvest” for setting this up for us all even though he won’t even be able to participate tonight.  He volunteered a lot of time to make sure you all enjoy yourselves this weekend and I would appreciate you all giving him a big “thanks” in the comments sections, as well.


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If Michael David Smith of PFT gets this wrong then he will never, ever, ever be able to live it down.

According to Smith, the Chiefs have already decided their first selection (and our VT mock drafts) will be Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher.  The Chiefs inability to trade left tackle Branden Albert makes Fisher a candidate to start at the right tackle spot which normally wouldn’t be considered with the top overall pick, so this really is a surprising rise to the top of the Draft class for Fisher.

Of course, the Chiefs could still trade Albert and move Fisher to the left side, or simply put Albert on the left side, but this is obviously a significant development in what was already a very unpredictable Draft.

The Vikings would prefer to see offensive tackles go like hot cakes at the top of this Draft, because that would allow more value at positions of need to fall to them at their respective spots later on in the round.

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Here’s your chance to officially cast a vote regarding the Manti Te’o drama:

If the Vikings draft Manti Te’o tonight it might not be the only Draft-related move that we’ve been calling for months now.

When profiling punter Ryan Allen, and then later Brad Wing, I outlined all of the various reasons the Vikings might send special teams coordinator Mike Priefer on the road to find a new punter this offseason.  Kluwe’s $1.4 million salary chews up significant space (for a punter) in the last year of his current deal.  He’s getting older and seems to be, at least slightly, regressing.  There is some incredible talent and depth at the punter position available this year.  Priefer also expressed last season that Kluwe’s off-field endeavours have been exhausting.

With the success Priefer had last year in sneaking in some visits with kicker Blair Walsh, who they then selected to replace Ryan Longwell, I felt that the timing made sense to attempt the same type of transition at punter.

And the signs are pointing to that being a very real possibility.

1500 ESPN reports that Priefer conducted at least three private visits with prospective punters prior to tonight.  LSU’s Brad Wing, Arizona State’s Josh Hubner and UCLA’s Jeff Locke have all been worked out privately by Priefer, according to the report.  These visits are unlikely to be a result of anything less than strong interest, because the Vikings already have a “camp leg” in the form of T.J. Conley on the roster.

Kluwe’s job is safe for one more day, but it appears he could be looking for work as soon as Sunday.

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Ian Rapoport of NFL Network set the rumormill on fire this morning when he indicated that the Chicago bears like linebacker Manti Te’o so much that the Vikings will have to leapfrog them in the first round if they really covet him, and then Rapoport said that’s what the Vikings plan on doing.

Now, we haven’t seen a whole ton of “smoke” coming out of Winter Park leading up to the Draft thus far, but I have a feeling that some games are being played here and Rapoport is simply a pawn.

We’ve been saying all offseason that Manti Te’o makes sense for the Vikings, and the Vikings make even more sense for Manti Te’o, but I am not sure this is the type of year the Vikings should be sacrificing multiple picks to trade upwards in the first round.  This wouldn’t be the first time these two teams have engaged in some gamesmanship this offseason, as evidenced by the inflated contract Phil Loadholt signed during the opening days of free agency.

We’re only a few hours from speculation becoming reality (or fiction), but the Manti Te’o situation is certainly the one to keep a close eye on as the evening progresses.

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