It feels weird writing this post to be honest with you. Part of it seems a little surreal… We’ve spent so, so much time following the ridiculous roller coaster ride that has been the Vikings pursuit of a new stadium to call home. Part of it is also this feeling that this moment is too big for me to comment on… too momentous. I imagine it may be somewhat equivalent to writing our first post celebrating the Vikings [inevitable] future Superbowl victory. This really is a huge victory for the Minnesota Vikings organization and Vikings fans everywhere.

So, here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for:

The Vikings finally have a deal on a new stadium and will remain in Minnesota for a long, long time.

That felt good.

I’m not going to get in the details of who voted for what, what still needs to be signed, the politics, etc… It just doesn’t seem fitting. What matters right now is the assurance and the comfort knowing that the Vikings aren’t going anywhere. They are not going to Los Angeles. They are not going to San Antonio. They are staying right where they belong.

I wanted to encapsulate this moment by clipping some reactions to the news from Twitter. Before we move on though, I think it’s important to show our appreciation to all the parties involved in obtaining this amazing feat. I can’t even fathom the countless amount of hours of work that went into making this happen. Zygi Wilf and the Wilf family should also be commended for never giving up, packing their bags and moving on. They stuck it out and made possible what other Vikings owners were unable to.!/SaveTheVikesOrg/status/200661631502532608!/david101175/status/200678737904275456!/karikgrundman/status/200677222145732609!/PatKessler/status/200665354006036482!/johnkriesel/status/200668888474714113!/TomPelissero/status/200667181254590465



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