The Conference Committee settled the differences between the State House and State Senate bills regarding the Vikings new stadium deal.

The product is the bill found by clicking this link.

The House had previously wanted to see the Vikings and NFL’s portion of the funding increase by $105 million while the Senate had it increasing by $25 million.  This version is a “compromise” of sorts and sees the private funding portion increase by $50 million, which leaves the team and the league with a $477 million price tag.

At this time, it is unknown whether the Vikings and the NFL have agreed to fund the increased amount.

Final votes are expected to take place on Thursday.


  1. well this is alot better deal then wat the house passed….hopefully it passes and the wilfs accept it….id love to see my team stay where we belong. Id love to keep the viking tradition going with my family and build upon with going to games in a great stadium.


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