The Vikings had been interviewing candidates for a Defensive Coordinator position that was still held by Fred Pagac.

That ends today.

The team has not hired a new defensive coordinator yet, and the list of candidates has again grown and now includes Miami Dolphins interim head coach Todd Bowles, but they did officially remove the title from Pagac.

The Vikings offered for Pagac to return to his previous job of coaching the team’s linebackers, but it is unknown if he will be willing to accept the demotion.  The linebackers job currently is held by Mike Singletary, a candidate for the defensive coordinator position himself.

This move is thought to be a sign the Singletary will be moving to the coordinator position.


  1. Denzel better not promote Singletary or all hell will break loose. Freds will get to hear some rants from me I assure you.

  2. am I the only one who thinks giants are getting cheated so far by the refs? – A fumble called back / not called, when it clearly was a fumble + a very late hit on Eli.. Bad officiating so far

  3. how could they miss that fumble call? azzholes will hafta answer for that

    one down (saints), one to go


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