Well, the increasingly irrelevant Pro Bowl voting process has concluded and the Vikings will be sending four players to this year’s “contest” in Hawaii.

Running back Adrian Peterson, fullback Jerome Felton, defensive end Jared Allen, and kick Blair Walsh have all been selected.  Peterson was an obvious choice, it is nice to see Felton and Walsh get the recognition they deserve, and Allen isn’t necessarily undeserving this year but was certainly aided by his name value.

An absolute abomination is that recently benched center Jeff Saturday received the honor over Vikings center John Sullivan.  In fact, the Vikings offensive line being snubbed all together despite Adrian Peterson’s historic season is kind of, well, wrong.

It could also be argued that Antoine Winfield and Chad Greenway’s absence just further proves how underrated they are in today’s NFL that undervalues the importance of plain, simple, sound tackling.

Congrats to our four guys, and we’ll keep you updated on who might drop out and who might be filling in as alternates.  All of that, of course, assumes the Vikings aren’t playing in the Super Bowl which is not totally 100% impossible.


  1. And there were some huge snubs. Kalil and Sullivan were huge for us alone, not to mention Dez Bryant, Roddy White, Richard Sherman, Drew Brees, Greenway and Kuechy(one 4 3 olb should have made it). That is just the NFC.

  2. Right Adam, and there are 17 teams for whom it IS 100% impossible for them to be in the Super Bowl. Boy, this season is a long ways away from last year, huh gang?

    • Absolutely Coach! I for one didnt give us a snowballs chance in hell of being in this position. The rookie class is as good as advertised and the coaching staff did a great job of getting the best out of them.
      As I look at the list of the guys voted in it’s kind of hard to argue with most of the selections but there are a few that dont add up.

    • Yes sir Coach! This team is playing with all heart! And I mean ALL of it. It is great to watch….I love the way we are playing defense. LOVE IT! Can’t wait for Sunday. The way they are playing makes me want to suit up and play.
      I just want to tackle somebody, BAM! I like some hard hittin’ D, love this Smith kid. Held the Texans offense to 2 FG’s, in Houston, 1st time since ’06 they hadn’t scored a TD.

      If that don’t get you pumped up, you ain’t got a pulse. That goal line stand was great! Did it get you up out of you’re seat?
      You can be sure this team will be ready come Sunday. Of that, I have no doubt.

      • It’s going to be a hell of a game. And yah, I was out of my seat for sure during that goal line stand.
        The best thing about our defense, is we’re young! We’re going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. I sure wish Winfield was 5 years younger. . .

  3. coach, winning however we can, or must, is good, but i’ll bet ponder feels like a third wheel sometimes with so many guys around him playing so well

    we could be so much better if the most important position on the team was playing as good as the rest

    • Can you imagine where we’d be had we not won that meaningless game against the Redskins that cost us RG3 or Andrew Luck?
      Like I said before, I’m still not giving up on Ponder yet but he has a lot to prove (And improve on.)

      • Hindsight is always 20/20 Fran. They would have traded that pick anyway because of their mancrush on Ponder. We can dream tho can’t we?

        • I doubt they would have passed on Luck. RG3 maybe but not Luck.
          I know what you’re saying tho. Too many times (Except last year, gotta’ hand it to Spielman there) we’ve traded ourselves into some bad moves. Unfortunately, Ponder still comes to mind. He can change all that on Sunday.

  4. There is a rumor going around. Vikes will be going retro next year with the uniforms. Please let it be true.

  5. Speaking of the Pro Bowl, I heard one of the talkers on ESPN say today that the biggest snub of the whole selection was no Minnesota Viking offensive linemen named in front of the guy who will likely rush for 2000 yards. I think he used the word “joke” among all his other words.


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