Chris Cook appears to be trying to turn his image around following a season that saw his name in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Cook recently visited Heritage Elementary School in Lynchburg, Virginia where he spoke to the students about the relationship between educations and their futures ran drills and shuttles, and played basketball and volleyball.

“I just wanted the students to know that school is the most important thing, especially today as far as them achieving their dreams and being what they want to be,” he said.

Cook missed his entire 2008 season at Virginia after being declared academically ineligible.


  1. It’s a good start. Just hope he follows his own advice and turn things around in his life.

  2. its good thing for start looking at life differently and to clean up his act and grow up….he follow wat hes preaching though

  3. It,s a step in the right direction, I really hope he realizes the consequences if he get it trouble again.
    Hope for better things to come for him…


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