Once upon a time, I wrote an article at Vikings Gab that sparked a very interesting and heated discussion in the comments section because I, at least a little, ripped apart Rick Spielman’s history of making perfectly good draft picks disappear with little to show for it.

This upcoming Draft worries me because Spielman could once again find himself in a position to move around, and acknowledged as much when discussing having the third overall pick.

“[W]e’ll be looking at all the options,” Spielman told the NFL Network on Wednesday.  “If someone wants to come up and get our pick, we’re going to be more than willing to listen.”

Of course, this should come as no surprise, as it would be disappointing to hear the General Manager say he has already made his mind up in January.  For me the statement did, however, bring all those same fears bubbling back to the surface.

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  1. I’m following a lot more stadium news these days than player news…..how FA pans out and if we trade out of #3 changes all the players I study anyway…..if MN really doesn’t want to finance their part of a deal, or if they are delaying a year to get past re-election efforts, then maybe there are no Minnesota Vikings…..I don’t like the sudden change to the Dome being #1 choice, or only choice…..as a fan, the only thing I have wished for is to be able to play in the Dome while building at a new location…..the cost of playing at the college field is well documented, but I would add to that the FAs that won’t sign because of that, and we have a hard time attracting FAs the way it is…..aanyway, up one day and down the next following this stadium news is driving me nuts…..oh to have been a fly on the wall listening to the Catholic church apply their pressure!

    • I heard on KFAN this morning that the NFL will most likely deny the Vikings permission to use TCF Bank stadium. The NFL owners have to approve it, and sounds like they won’t. Vikings will lose to much revenue.

  2. I’m a little worried about Speilman moving around too. I hope these screwups were from Childo getting his way which would make sense.


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