Our Community Mock Draft (click here to see it) is clipping along nicely.

The last selection went to the Seattle Seahawks and Michael Floyd was nearly the winner.  Instead, however, defensive end Melvin Ingram squeaked it out and that is who we have the Seahawks picking up.

Next up are the Arizona Cardinals.  This was a tough one for me to narrow down, hence all the choices, so I imagine you will have an equally tough time casting a vote.  But, they are on the clock, so you must, you must I say!

Hit up the poll below.


  1. Why Trent Richardson is still not taken is beyond my mind. He is by far BPA. The Cardinals would be wise to pick up this great talent, or trade with either jets (even though they just picked up a good FB in Tebow) or Bengals that might be willing to trade up. Still I think whoever is picking here should pick up Trent Richardson, makes too much sence with his talents


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