For the next 32 days (give or take) I want to take Vikings Territory on a journey through the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft by allowing you to vote on each pick on a day-by-day basis.  The picks will be decided by who gets the majority of the votes and the results will be posted here, updated daily.

In the “analysis” section of the grid I will pick a comment that I feel best describes the rationale behind the choice, so be sure to leave a comment stating your reasoning.

Today, we will start you off with an easy one, as the Colts are on the clock with the first overall pick.


  1. No GM could face the music of passing on Luck if he turns out anything close to expectations

  2. You never know if some team would make them an offer they cant refuse and trade down. If not they will take Luck.

  3. Taking the best QB the last couple of times they have picked number 1 has worked out pretty well for them…


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