A nice Brian Robison sack followed shortly by an impressive Marcus Sherels return set Christian Ponder up for the best drive he has had in quite some time.  Two runs, including a fourth down scramble, resulted in the young quarterback using his mobility to score the game’s first touchdown.

Then, with one Rams drive aside, it was all Vikings from there on out.  A Chad Greenway fumble recovery, an Everson Griffen pick six, an 82 yard touchdown run from Adrian Peterson, and a pair of big field goals from Blair Walsh has all but given the Vikings a win in just one half of football.

The second half is sure to feature plenty of Adrian Peterson as he continues his quest for immortality.  Enjoy!


    • Johnny, is it no fear of him or of our receivers? I honestly think its the latter, but probably a combination of the two.

    • Is kicker becoming the new running back where careers will only average 3 years? Crosby was awesome 2 years ago. And i thought buehler/Hartley would be in Dallas/new Orleans forever too

  1. I like the hard hitting defense the Vikings have been playing this season. They may give up some yards, put they are putting some punishing hits on the opposition. I believe that hit on Bradford by Tony Winfield in the first quarter seriously affected his composure.

    How many guys did they knock out of the Bears game?

  2. Keep fatface on the sideliine, feed the beast and let him rack up some slobberknocker yards on this weary Ram D.

      • LOL. Yes, much safer. Adam should have went with 150 yards instead of 250. 150 is still a bold prediction.

        I rewatched that last long run from AD, if he would’ve cut right I think he would’ve hit the endzone. NOT that I’m in any way undoing his accomplishments.

        Amazing, AD has more yards with less carries than Dickerson with 2 games left to play.

        I wish they would’ve fed Peterson instead of fatface on that last drive. He might’ve busted out another long one.

  3. Brett will have to break down that playoff scenario later today. Texans clinched today so maybe they’ll rest some starters.

  4. Well, as we again criticize Ponder for his lack of passing yardage and again drool over Adrian’s rushing yardage, I wish to point out that we 1) won the game, and 2) were still out-gaining the Rams in total yards at last check. Yeah, those 350 passing yards for Bradford sure were pretty.

    • Your persistant support of Ponder is starting to sway me Coach. At least to the point of nt thinking he’s a hopeless case. Especially after this game. I was having trouble following along watching the game due to technical dificuties but from what I saw, he made a few ggood throws and didn’t look as shakey in the pocket as he has been in the past. My hopes are starting to soar with the look (And youth) of our fefense and knowing that we’re just a passing team away from becoming a bonofide contender next year.
      Defense, ST’s, the running game, it all looks like it’s there. I realize we still need some help other than WR (Passing Game) and Adam’s first mock has us taking a DT but I would be leaning to WR for our first pick. Even if we had to trade up, before taking a DT.
      Well, I’m rambling, so it’s nap time again. . .
      FANTATIC GAME TO WATCH. And what an incredible pleasure it is to be a Minnesota fan during the 21st Century Viking, AD era!

    • Yep Coach…It was a team victory. Love how the Defense played! Staight up gettin’ after ‘em.
      Didn’t turn it over, ran it…yeah, ran it! Just enough passing game. Of course, the Rams aren’t very good……….blah, blah.
      C’mon Steelers!

    • Did Skol send that photo to you Brett?? lol
      Geez, I give up. Even on most other sites, you’ll see continued use of the ap nickname time and again, even though it’s much less preferred by AD himself. Guess I’ll give it up.
      (Or start a campaign to make things right)

        • CC, I’m all for it.
          I hate to seem like some sort of fanatic about it but there are just so many reasons NOT to call Adrian Peterson “AP”. First and foremost, AD doesn’t care for it, nor his family. He has made that known.
          Plus, a nickname is normally EARNED. He was known his entire high school/college career as “All Day”, sometimes referred to “AD” for short. If we’re going to refer to him as AP, let’s just start nicknaming everybody! Ponder is now CP, Harvin can be PH, Gephart is now TG.
          I’m watching the NE/SF game right now and you can sure tell TB misses RG but DW is sure stepping it up! TH is sure working PW!
          Adrian Peterson Earned the nickname ALL DAY and is proud of it and richly deserves it. Calling him anything other Adrian Peterson, All Day or AD is just ignorant and shows a lack of respect.
          Pass it on.

          • Is it just me, or is FTM getting awfully pissy about the whole thing?

            Maybe should jump on board the AD train, lest we get run over.

            • It’s just you T.
              I did try to indicate I don’t want to seem like a fanatic (Pissy, if you will) over this but I’m just trying to help out AD. He’s just too nice of a guy to correct some reporter or interviewer or ignorant poster (IP) that he doesn’t like “AP”
              I don’t have that problem. I tell it like it is. I agree with CC that AW and BA should get involved in this discussion too. Maybe IR and IR would consider this topic a bit more objectivly if those two would express their opinion.

              Still watching the SF/NE game. Boy! BB sure looks pissed on the sideline but JH looks pretty happy. Oops, DW just scored off a handoff from TB now BB looks a bit happier!

    • Extreme much? I don’t think anybody “hates” him. He didn’t stop by my house and call my mom bad names or anything.

      If you are equating someone not thinking he’s our QB of the future with actual hate, then you’re jumping some serious chasms.

  5. Just checked….if the playoffs started right now the Vikings are in! 6th seed. Because Dallas won, they are tied with NY and Washington, Skins win the division, Boys beat out NY…and Vikes beat out Dallas.
    Even if you’re one of those pessimists you still have to love it, don’t ya?

    • He was okay and got a game ball out of it. Saw him being taken in the tunnel, he was smiling and had a ball. Gotta be on your toes out there sir.

  6. No, CC is right. This wasn’t a scenario I thought of yesterday…

    Because the Giants lost, and the Cowboys and Redskins won, the Vikings currently have the #6 seed. This is because the Redskins are now leading the NFC East and we hold tiebreakers over both the Giants and Cowboys.


  7. I don’t know if the Vikings winning out would guarantee them the spot. I think some other things need to happen, though. It’s confusing.

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