Linebacker Chad Greenway is the team’s most proven linebacker entering 2012, but his offseason got off to an understandably rough start as he missed most of the OTA’s to tend to his father who is fighting leukemia.

Greenway told reporters that his father’s condition has since improved greatly and he reported to Mankato on time.

“My dad’s actually feeling really well. He’s stable, he’s felt the best he has now than the last three months,” Greenway said. “That’s excellent for me cause once you sort of kick this day off then you don’t have another opportunity to go home for any amount of time. I’m really glad he’s doing well and hope that that obviously continues.”

I think I speak on behalf of all of us at VT in saying that we are all also glad to hear this news and we are all looking forward to seeing Greenway back on the field this season.


  1. Coach Buds also looked good! Buds has been pumping iron, reading Tolstoy and pounding fist fulls of vitamin c. He’s a new man! Ready for camp and a new season!

    • Actually Freds I did that all in preparation for the arrival of 2 more grand babies here in August. Gotta stay ahead of those seven little ones. Not gonna deny that I’m pumped for the FB season to start qthough.

  2. Good to hear, hope it’s back to a more normal situation for our guys with life happening.


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