A hurting Percy Harvin.  A struggling young quarterback.  A leaky defense.  A criticized coaching staff.

The going is certainly getting tough for our Vikings as they approach the toughest part of their schedule, and that means there is plenty of news and even more opinions floating around the internet.  Here are our favorites:


  1. are we expected to go to the playoffs?
    sounds like yahoo thinks so –

    As long as they can get this resolved before the playoffs, Ms. Steele won’t suffer the same criticisms…


    our O didn’t score much on the lions in our first game. i doubt that percy will play, or won’t do much if he does, so who’s going to make plays besides sick AD? like to see rudy and carlson do some good, and wright show us something, and of course, the ponder rebound. i wouldn’t even mind short passes to AD. we really need to see a response from ponder, maybe 200 yds., a TD and no TOs, and for our D to play hard like they did earlier this year. we need to get some sacks and fumbles and INTs. heading into the bye 5-5 or 6-4, this is a big game, but we can beat these guys. sullivan mentioned the super bowl today in defense of the vikes. let’s see it happen


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