What is that you say? There wasn’t enough coverage of the Vikings here on VT alone? Well, we have just the thing for everyone out there who just can’t get enough purple – our favorite links of the week:

ESPN 1500 Week 7, 2012 Game Poster
The image above was created by the good folks at ESPN 1500.


  1. In your honor, Freds, I am going to make TWO definitive predictions this week – no details, no descriptions, no qualifications…

    1. Vikes will win Sunday 24-10.

    2. Tomb will never grow up.

    • You used “honor” and “Freds” in the same sentence? Dangerous. I’m surprised there isn’t an immediate tear in the space-time continuum or something equally destructive.

      My bold prediction is that the Vikes will not win Sunday 24-10. They will win said game with a different set of numbers altogether. The turf situation in no way warrants a 24-10 score. It’s an embarrassing prediction, actually. I feel completely awkward now, having to address such a preposterous statement. I’ll thank you to never speak of this again.

      Grow up? I require more details. What is your testing criteria? Have you supported your hypothesis with a well documented control group and verifiable results? Did you “normalize” your data with that buzzcut bias that’s so prevalent in today’s methodology? I bet you didn’t even properly unitize your variables. Why don’t you just claim you’ve discovered a viable method of cold fusion while you’re at it, with completely unsubstantiated data permeating your visibly flawed white paper sans peer review in a non replicable manner?

      Yeah, yeah, I know that hurt, but that needed to happen.

      To recap my prediction: NOT 24-10.



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