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When Percy Harvin took the opening kickoff for 103 yards for a touchdown, the tone of this game was set when the referees announced that Marvin Mitchell’s block to the back was getting it called back.  Despite a number of bad mistakes, missed opportunities, and questionable play calls the Vikings were able to beat the hapless Cardinals by a score of 21 – 14.

Here are some post-game thoughts:

Peterson Looked Fantastic

Adrian had a great game, point blank.  He ran the ball 23 times for 153 yards (6.6 yard average), and scored the first touchdown of the day on a beautiful 13 yarder.  He tacked on two catches for six yards.

Peterson had his best game of the season and finally truly looked to be back to his old self.  He was making quick cuts, had some getup in his step, and put on an impressive display of power running on a number of occasions.

On a day when the offense couldn’t seem to move through the air at all, Peterson’s dominance couldn’t have come at a better time.

Inactive for the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday are:

S Mistral Raymond, QB MacLeod Bethel-Thompson, WR Jarius Wright, CB Brandon Burton, LB Audie Cole, OL Mark Asper, and DE D’Aundre Reed.

Raymond being inactive means that the Vikings get to wait at least four more days before deciding if Raymond or Jamarca Sanford will be the starting safety once both are healthy.  Wright remains inactive, which has been somewhat of a mystery this season.

Otherwise, the Vikings are a pretty healthy football team which could be a key for not only this game, but in trying to accomplish a four day turnaround for next week’s matchup.

NOTE:  Sorry guys and gals, we will once again be skipping out on the live chat for this week.  We’ll aim to be live on Thursday night, however.

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A half game out of first place.  An intense battle with Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson coming up.  A need to rebound following a disappointing loss to Washington.  A team in need of some serious progression this season.

The work week must be intense at Winter Park this week, right?  Well, probably, but there is also an abundance of TMZ-type stories going on with these Vikings and I thought we’d better just get them out there in the open here at VT, even though I would rather just avoid them.

What is that you say? There wasn’t enough coverage of the Vikings here on VT alone? Well, we have just the thing for everyone out there who just can’t get enough purple – our favorite links of the week:

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