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Happy Sunday morning, fellow Vikings fans. Today, we host, what many people believe to be, the number one team in the NFL at the Metrodome. It will be a tough game for the Vikings but there is never an impossible game to win in the NFL. That’s something that’s great about waking up on a Sunday morning before a game. You just know that anything is possible. (Or at least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself…)

Here are the inactives for today’s game:

Vikings: QB McLeod Bethel-Thompson, LB Erin Henderson, WR Jarius Wright, S Brandon Burton, S Robert Blanton, OL Mark Asper, DE D”Aundre Reed

49ers: WR A.J. Jenkins, RB LaMichael James, WR Ted Ginn, G Joe Looney, QB Scott Tolzien, DT Ian Williams, RB Brandon Jacobs

Enjoy the game, everyone. Still no live-chat this week but it should be coming soon as I finally got myself Sunday Ticket (Wooo!) and will no longer have to trek myself every Sunday morning across town to the “Blue Ox.” (A local Vikings bar.) Feel free to post your thoughts on the game as they come here.

Skol Vikes!

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According to Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500, linebacker Erin Henderson will not be starting for the Vikings this weekend as they host the San Francisco 49ers.

Notice that last part: “Audie Cole will be active too.” The possibility of Cole getting to play a few snaps on the starting lineup will probably have some Vikings fans excited. Perhaps it’s a slight consolation to the fact that the Vikings will be without their leading tackler in what could very well be their toughest game of the season.

Now, if this is the first time you’ve heard about Erin Henderson being injured, you wouldn’t be alone. Henderson missed practice this week due to a concussion he suffered in last week’s match-up. The concussion went unnoticed though until Wednesday when Henderson came out for practice and “did not feel right.”

Apart from a blown coverage last week against the Colts Reggie Wayne, Erin Henderson has looked great so far this season. Not only is he tied for 6th place in tackles in the league with an exceptional 22 combined tackles but he also leads the Vikings in sacks (2).

Marvin Mitchell, who will start in Erin Henderson’s place, was signed in the offseason by the Vikings for his “experience not only on special teams but also on defense.”

Defensive coordinator Alan Williams was asked about whether or not he was comfortable starting Mitchell this weekend.

“Marvin has been in ball games as a starter, he’s been in ball games as a backup, he’s played a lot of football so everything that happens is not new to him out there. That gives me comfort and when he’s been in ball games, he’s performed well so that gives me comfort that it’s not all new to him and we’re not playing guys that have not played a lot of football. Marvin has so I feel good about that,” Williams said.

It goes without saying that Marvin Mitchell will have big shoes to fill this Sunday and will be expected to step in and play a prominent role on the defense. The Vikings defense already had their hands full going up against a passing attack with a bunch of weapons in the 49ers. What was already a difficult task now seems even more daunting.

Alas, all we can do is hope for the best. Maybe even an interception? Nah…


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I don’t even know where to begin with this one… It really was no surprise to me that the Vikings managed to make it a nail biter in the tail end of the fourth quarter. I watched the game today with some friends and my wife and assured them all that it would come down to a field goal at the last second despite the fact we were currently down by 14 points. Why? Because it’s the Vikings, of course.

So here we are… 1-1 after a torturous 23-20 loss to Andrew Luck and the Colts. Here are some of my initial thoughts and questions:

Why is it that we completely abandoned the run? We didn’t have any huge gains on the ground but my guess is that Peterson was averaging four to five yards a carry. (Okay, after checking, it was actually 3.75 YPC…) We can’t make ourselves that one dimensional with the lack of threats we have in the passing game.

Seriously, defensive line? I don’t even know what to say here. Same goes for you secondary. This defense is worse than I thought.

I don’t know what it is with Ponder in the first half of games. He looked bad again in the first and second quarters. He didn’t do anything to really cost the team but he also wasn’t winning anything for us. It was amazing how many times I saw him drop back and literally stare down one receiver (Harvin) from the moment he had the ball. I was honestly surprised he got out of this one with no picks again.

I need to go back and watch the coach’s tape because either Ponder just refused to risk throwing the ball or the Colt’s secondary is full of all-pros.

Did anyone else notice that there were multiple times at the end of the game where a Vikings receiver was forced or ran out of bounds and the clock just kept on ticking? What gives?

I’ll be back later to talk about the game some more. I’m going to try to enjoy the late games and pray my fantasy teams can pull out a win. (I’m looking at you Skol12!) I just wanted to get another thread up to discuss the game since the other one was getting kind of long.

-Angry Brett

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Alright, first things first: our absence… Adam and I sincerely apologize for not having more updates recently here at Vikings Territory. Adam, as most of you probably know, is in the process of hauling his entire life (and family – which includes his newly born daughter) across the map. I on the other hand have been somewhat out of the loop because I’ve been dealing with some family issues. I told Adam I would do the best I could to keep the site updated with fresh content during his move… Unfortunately, some things came up that also required me to travel. Coincidentally, I am currently in Minnesota. What makes things even more frustrating is that I will literally be a few miles from from Mall of America Field as the Vikings kick off the season against the Jacksonville Jaguars and unable to attend the game. Do not fear, though, because I WILL be watching from somewhere else surrounded by ecstatic purple enthusiasts.

So, with all that being said, we are incredibly excited about this season and the things we have planned here at Vikings Territory during the year. Our lives should be back to normal soon which means consistent, new content. We thank you for your understanding as well as keeping the site pumping with some good conversation through comments.

Now, let’s get to the game.

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