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While Percy Harvin continues to, umm, dispel the notion that he gained the title “entitled” while playing under Urban Meyer at Florida by, umm, taking advantage of his opportunity to become a leader on a young and developing team, there is indeed an entire roster of other players to worry about.

I have been saying this ever since it became clear that the front office had no designs on making a big splash in free agency:  Watch for the late-offseason signings.

Teams will begin to cut players, even some good ones, when training camp rolls around and even a few weeks into the regular season.  The Vikings, armed with third priority on the waiver wire, are in good position to snatch some of them up.

But can they afford to?


According to ProFootballTalk, the Vikings have $10.59 million in cap space left this year.  They do still have to sign fourth overall selection Matt Kalil and third rounder Josh Robinson, but even then they should still have some spending cash left over.

If a player ends up on the waiver wire that they covet (and that they can afford) the roster could surely get a last minute boost of talent if they pounce.

The money could also be spent to retain certain valuable players like Harvin should they choose to do so.  Harvin, however, may want to wait until next offseason to go for gold as the team will get an extra $1.6 million in cap space next offseason from the Redskins and Cowboys debacle, the team is set to have about 18 player contracts expire after this season, and will generally be in even better financial standing.

Phil Loadholt could also someone that the team could consider extending now using some of their available cap space.

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Husain Abdullah has had somewhat of a rollercoaster of a career in the NFL.  The Washington State safety went undrafted in 2008, climbed the Vikings depth chart, was the team’s best safety in 2011, nearly decided to hang up the cleats, and then declared that he planned to continue his career and was fielding multiple offers for his services.

Now, however, Husain and his brother Hamza have decided to forego their NFL careers, at least for now, to make a religious pilgrimage.

The two brothers plan to “deconstruct” the negative connotations associated with the Islam faith.

While I would love to see Abdullah back in the mix with the Vikings this offseason, one can’t help but have respect for a guy whose convictions are the most important thing to him.

Good luck to them both.

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For those that don’t visit Vikings Territory often, we do a segment here every now and then called “Coin Toss.” My cohort Adam and I debate various topics that we disagree on. Readers then vote for who they agree with more (or, in other words, who won the Coin Toss). Typically I walk away the victor. But every now and then, Adam has been known to squeak out a win.

Well, the past couple of days, I’ve been having a Coin Toss of my own. Yep, right in my own head – no opponent needed.

You see, this whole Percy Harvin situation has me a little torn. And every single time I think I’ve wrapped my head around my opinion of this whole controversy, a new piece of information comes out that completely throws a wrench in my stance. So, I’ve come to accept that maybe I don’t have to have a definite stance on this. And instead of forming an opinion and only sharing that perspective, I’d relay both views and just let it play itself out.

But first, let’s recap this whole thing.

As we previously mentioned, Chad Greenway has had a rough go of it this offseason coping with a hard truth that would not be anywhere close to easy for the toughest of men.

On that front, however, we have some good news to pass along.  Alan Greenway, Chad’s father, is currently at Mayo Clinic (not hospice care) and his leukemia is in remission.

Greenway had previously been excused from the Vikings minicamp, but the linebacker was indeed present given the improved condition of his father.

Greenway admits his father is on his mind constantly, but that going to practice with his teammates can provide some solace, too.

“Yeah, every day and every minute you’re thinking about it,” Greenway recently said, “but at the same point you have to go to work, and it is a reprieve to be at work, and be around my friends and do something that I love.”

We, as Vikings fans, have high hopes for Chad Greenway in 2012.  However, the biggest wish of all is for his father to continue to improve health-wise and that the Greenway family has a fantastic year in general.

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As Vikings minicamp gets underway, the team’s offensive line is expected to have a new look and improved production.

One position that is not expected to see turnover at the starting spot is right tackle, manned by Phil Loadholt who is in a contract year.  Leslie Frazier complimented Loadholts pass and run blocking abilities, but said that he needed to be more consistent.

Loadholt didn’t seem to mind Frazier’s public assessment and admitted that Frazier was exactly right.

“He hit it right on the head,” Loadholt said. “It’s something I am going to work on. In this league, anytime you do anything wrong with technique you can look bad. So I will continue to work on my technique and get all those things right.”

If Matt Kalil can improve the left tackle position and Loadholt does indeed progress his play, Christian Ponder and company could indeed be in for a fun season.

If not, well…

… It is June, I don’t want to think about that.