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While the “Mission Accomplished” banner is clearly strung across the deck of the aircraft carrier, and Minnesotan’s are rightfully celebrating what appears to be a guaranteed future of their pro football team within the State, it is not yet officially official.

On Monday, however, the State will make their commitment to the new stadium official when Governor Mark Dayton signs the recently-passed bill into law.

The bill will be signed at a ceremony within the State Capitol at noon on Monday.

In order for this thing to be a 100% done deal, however, the Minneapolis City Council must vote in favor of the bill within 30 days of the Governor signing the bill.  Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak predicts that the vote will take place on May 25th.

That means there is a nearly two week window for something absolutely, positively horrible to happen that throws a wrench into the whole thing.  Something like that would be more disheartening to Vikings fans than a Cowboys hail mary, a missed Gary Anderson field goal, and a 12-men in the huddle call all wrapped into one.

Now, I’m not trying to be an alarmist here or anything, as plenty of people who know far more than myself about this situation consider this a done deal.  However, weirder things have indeed happened.

The Council needs seven “yes” votes to put the bow on this bill once and for all, and Mayor Rybak has received seven letters of support for the original version of the bill from Council members.  The thing is, though, this isn’t the same bill they agreed to as it has been changed around by the House and the Senate.

At least one Minneapolis Council member that put forward a letter is reserving the right to change his mind should he see something in the bill that he doesn’t agree with.

“Right now I am reviewing every line of it, and obviously I have to determine if what’s in there, line-by-line, is consistent with some of the goals and concerns I had,” said Council member Kevin Reich. “So it’s undetermined at this time. It’s under review.”

In his comments, it sounds like Reich will be voting “yes” once again and that there is little to worry about.

As I have said in the comments section, however, there are significant events that could take place between now and May 25th that could make members reconsider their commitment to a professional sports venue.

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Today we present to you part five of our ten part series called “Welcome to the Big Show” where we dive deep into the history, stats, outlook etc… for each of the Vikings ten Draft selections of 2012. We got a little mixed up last week and accidentally skipped Jarius Wright so we are coming back to him today. If you’ve missed any of the previous entries, here are links to the first four: Matt Kalil, Harrison Smith, Josh Robinson and Rhett Ellison.

Welcome To The Big Show: Jarius Wright

Player Info

Name: Jarius Wright
Position: WR
College: Arkansas

Personal History

Jarius Wright was born to Jeanette Hooper and Joe Wright on November 25th, 1989 in Warren, Arkansas.

Wright had an impressive high school career at Warren High School where he was a teammate with the other Vikings wide receiver selection in the fourth round, Greg Childs. The long-lasting relationship between Wright and Childs is a very interesting (incredible) one and should definitely be highlighted. Wright was ranked as the 30th best player in the nation at his position as a high school prospect in 2007.  He was targeted by multiple colleges (including Minnesota) but ultimately decided to stick with his friend, Childs, at Arkansas as a Razorback.

At Arkansas, Wright was involved in what was recognized as one of the most explosive offenses in college football. He went on to break school season-records with 66 receptions, 1,117 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2011. At Arkansas, Wright majored in Sociology.

Well, we all know what topic has dominated Vikings news this week, and we’ll get back to assessing the ongoing roster transformation soon, but in the meantime let’s highlight some of best articles available right now.  Most are stadium related, but I tried to find a good mix.

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“We’re here to stay.”

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said these words from the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol on Wednesday, a statement that was received by cheers and high fives from fans that had gathered to celebrate what seems like a certain win in the Vikings stadium battle.

After clearing the State House and the State Senate, all that remains for the stadium bill is a stroke of the Governor’s pen and a final vote by the Minneapolis City Counsel.  The Governor has always supported the stadium bill, and Minneapolis appears to not be a problem.

After years of speculation and concern, it seems that the Los Angeles market is going to have to target a different NFL team, and the Wilf’s never even had to publically threaten to leave.

“We knew from day one that we were going to fight to ensure that this day would come,” Zygi Wilf said. “Our commitment to having Viking football here for generations was always the overriding factor.”

The end result of a decade’s worth of positioning (and then some) is a deal that will see the Vikings and NFL contribute $477 million, the State will contribute $348 million, and the City of Minneapolis will pick up the rest of the tab which comes in at $150 million.

The Vikings are expected to play the next two seasons in the Metrodome, but have already come to an agreement with the University of Minnesota to rent TCF Bank Stadium at a price of $250,000 per game while the Metrodome is demolished and the new stadium is finished.

It is expected that the new stadium, which does not yet have a name (any suggestions?), will be ready in time for the 2016 season.

That means that I have at least another four years of writing stadium articles, but these future ones are sure to be a lot more fun than the “will-they-won’t-they” articles we have all been scouring over for what seems like forever now.

“This will be truly special,” Mark Wilf said. “As hard as we’ve worked for this day, we will commit going forward that this will be first class and special, and something that all Minnesotans can be truly proud of.”

I am aware that this isn’t done, at least not in the true sense of the word, but the Wilfs’ willingness to celebrate this as a true victory sure is exciting.

I suddenly have a new found excitement for the upcoming season, that is for sure.


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It feels weird writing this post to be honest with you. Part of it seems a little surreal… We’ve spent so, so much time following the ridiculous roller coaster ride that has been the Vikings pursuit of a new stadium to call home. Part of it is also this feeling that this moment is too big for me to comment on… too momentous. I imagine it may be somewhat equivalent to writing our first post celebrating the Vikings [inevitable] future Superbowl victory. This really is a huge victory for the Minnesota Vikings organization and Vikings fans everywhere.

So, here it is, what we’ve all been waiting for:

The Vikings finally have a deal on a new stadium and will remain in Minnesota for a long, long time.

That felt good.

I’m not going to get in the details of who voted for what, what still needs to be signed, the politics, etc… It just doesn’t seem fitting. What matters right now is the assurance and the comfort knowing that the Vikings aren’t going anywhere. They are not going to Los Angeles. They are not going to San Antonio. They are staying right where they belong.

I wanted to encapsulate this moment by clipping some reactions to the news from Twitter. Before we move on though, I think it’s important to show our appreciation to all the parties involved in obtaining this amazing feat. I can’t even fathom the countless amount of hours of work that went into making this happen. Zygi Wilf and the Wilf family should also be commended for never giving up, packing their bags and moving on. They stuck it out and made possible what other Vikings owners were unable to.