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The Vikings have about three hours to find a suitable trade partner or make on very tough decision.

Josina Anderson of said that she recently received a text from a high ranking Vikings official saying that the team is “Still waiting to see if we have a trade partner.”  Another ESPN personality, John Clayton, says that the Vikings are still focused on trying to get Tampa Bay to bounce up two spots.

Clayton, one of the few remaining holdouts, still believes Matt Kalil will be the Vikings choice if they stay at the three spot.

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(Note: This is a continuation of a series where we take you inside our War Room for the #MockOne draft series. This particular version is for #MockFour. If you are unfamiliar with what it is all about, you should probably start off by reading about what we did in the previous #MockThree. For prior #MockFour posts, check out #MockFour Begins and The Risks Continue.)

Alright guys, I have to be absolutely honest here. I kind of dropped the ball on this one. Things got very busy at work and I ended up going out of town last weekend so I wasn’t able to keep you all updated with #MockFour as much as I wanted to. Nevertheless, I wanted to get our draft out there before the actual Vikings have theirs. (You know, just so we look like geniuses when the real Vikings draft looks exactly like ours!)

So, here’s how we’re going to do things this time around. I’m going to list out how the draft went, the trades we made, who was selected, etc… Then Adam and I are giving to give our input and background on each pick.

Well, once again, if the Claiborne chatter is smoke… the Vikings are taking it to a ridiculous level.

Steve Wyche of reports that the Vikings have LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne at the top of their draft board (presumably, after Andrew Luck) and says a source “reinforced” reports that the Vikings are leaning in that direction.

Of course, many will still believe that all of this Claiborne talk is aimed at generating further trade interest, which is entirely possible.

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I once suggested (sorry, couldn’t find the link to prove it) that Vikings fans that would truly be willing to give up something significant to see their team remain in Minnesota should send the Wilf family a letter asking them to auction off their Draft picks for cash as a means to help pay for a new stadium.  In the letter, the fan would pledge to buy five years worth of season tickets no matter how poorly the team ended up being as a result.

That was an outrageous idea that would never happen, but Republican Representative Mike Benson has promised to try and remove gambling aspects from the Vikings stadium bill and replace it with a funding mechanism that could hurt the team’s competitive advantage.

In addition to taxes targeting game day fans at the stadium, Benson proposes a 4% tax on the players and executives that make more than $200,000 per year.

It really isn’t an unreasonable thought, but this could have a negative impact on the Vikings when bidding on players in free agency.  If a player gets an offer from the Vikings, they will always be reminded by their agents that 4% of their checks will be heading elsewhere.

The idea seems to be popular amongst Republicans at the State level.

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