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Today, the NFL announced their 2012 Regular Season Schedule.

Of course, and as always, we are focused on the Minnesota Vikings and here is what 2012 looks like for our favorite team:

1 Sep 09 JAC @ MIN Mall of America Field 1:00 PM Tickets CBS      
2 Sep 16 MIN @ IND Lucas Oil Stadium 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
3 Sep 23 SF @ MIN Mall of America Field 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
4 Sep 30 MIN @ DET Ford Field 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
5 Oct 07 TEN @ MIN Mall of America Field 1:00 PM Tickets CBS      
6 Oct 14 MIN @ WAS FedExField 4:15 PM Tickets FOX      
7 Oct 21 ARI @ MIN Mall of America Field 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
8 Oct 25 TB @ MIN Mall of America Field 8:20 PM Tickets NFLN      
9 Nov 04 MIN @ SEA CenturyLink Field 4:05 PM Tickets FOX      
10 Nov 11 DET @ MIN Mall of America Field 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
12 Nov 25 MIN @ CHI Soldier Field 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
13 Dec 02 MIN @ GB Lambeau Field 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
14 Dec 09 CHI @ MIN Mall of America Field 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
15 Dec 16 MIN @ STL Edward Jones Dome 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
16 Dec 23 MIN @ HOU Reliant Stadium 1:00 PM Tickets FOX      
17 Dec 30 GB @ MIN Mall of America Field 1:00 PM Tickets FOX

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Jeremy Fowler of the Pioneer Press reported this morning that Percy Harvin has yet to reschedule the surgery he was originally supposed to have last week. Fowler then went on to say, “However, Vikings feel there’s still time for Harvin to undergo surgery to remove bone spurs and return in time for workouts in late May.”!/VikingsNow/status/191918164953673728

Should there be any reason for concern?

Personally, I have a bad feeling about the whole thing. As soon as I heard Percy was going to be having surgery this offseason, regardless of how minor, I knew it could turn into a bigger issue than originally estimated. Now, we’re finding out that what was supposed to be a simple procedure with a quick recovery time isn’t even currently on his schedule. And, on top of all that, there is also the timing of the Florida story which Harvin found himself a focal point of. (It should also be noted that, while ex-Florida coaches have come to the defense of Harvin, Vikings coaches have yet to do so.)

At this point, there really isn’t anything to suggest that Harvin will miss offseason training or any actual games. But with Harvin’s injury riddle-past and tendency to miss offseason training and playing time, I can’t help but be a little nervous. A healthy Percy Harvin is incredibly important to the success of the 2012 season. He is a weapon we can’t afford to have miss playing time. In a season that is all about the development of Christian Ponder and gauging what his future is with the Vikings, he needs to have all the targets he can.

We’ll be monitoring this story throughout the offseason and will make sure to keep you all updated with the latest findings. In the meantime, though, what do you all think? Are you nervous? Is there nothing to worry about here? Let us know in the comments.

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(Note: This is a continuation of a series where we take you inside our War Room for the #MockOne draft series. This particular version is for #MockFour. If you are unfamiliar with what it is all about, you should probably start off by reading about what we did in the previous #MockThree. For prior #MockFour posts, check out #MockFour Begins.)

Round 1
Trade – Vikings 1.03 for Rams 1.06, 2.07 and 4.01
1.06 – Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State
Trade – Vikings
1.29 – Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

Our first pick of the second round was incredibly difficult. Our war room was essentially tossing and turning between to particular prospects. While both would fill a position of need, they each had qualities that made them drastically different. Player one, while the much safer choice, would provide an immediate upgrade to arguably our weakest area. Player two is potentially a top-10 talent who has some major character concerns that caused his draft stock to drop significantly. I’ll cut straight to the point and tell you who we took then provide some more insight and reasoning. (You’re probably going to want it.)

With the 3rd pick in the 2nd round of the 2012 #MockFour draft…

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Following a day in which the Minnesota House of Representatives put forth their clearest signal yet that they are fine with tabling the stadium talk for yet another year, the Vikings are widely expected to pull the gloves off and start throwing punches.

On Monday night, Vikings stadium official Lester Bagley seemed to start that process.

“It’s a mistake to think the Vikings and the NFL will stick with the status quo in Minnesota,” VP Lester Bagley told Fox9 News.

The Wilf family has yet to officially threaten relocation, but the results of Monday’s vote might lead to just that.

Or, they might skip that step all together, and just start making plans for a 2013 relocation.

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Well, I don’t have much to say about this, other than it isn’t looking good, folks.  It isn’t over yet, but it isn’t looking good.

A 15 member committee of the Minnesota House voted 9-6 against putting forth the proposed Vikings stadium bill without recommendation.  Members of the panel grilled supporters of the bill and members of the Vikings organization, wondering why they should use taxpayer dollars to fund a billionaires’ building.

In short, the window to get something done soon is closing, and the situation is now looking even more sketchy than it did yesterday.

As always, however… it isn’t over until it is over.

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