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Alright folks, here it is: my first 2012 mock draft of the offseason! I take a look at each pick in the first round, predict trades, who teams will take and then offer my opinion/analysis/thoughts on the acquisition. Some of you may be surprised with how I have things panning out for the Vikings.

I would love to have everyone’s thoughts/comments/criticisms/etc… on what I’ve put together (comments are enabled at the end of the mock). Click the link below to check it out and enjoy!

Check out Brett's Vikings Mock Draft

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Fullback Matt Asiata was signed by the Vikings as an undrafted free agent following last year’s NFL Draft. 

The Utah product was apparently impressive enough that the Vikings decided to extend him a two year futures contract offer, and Asiata accepted.

Asiata was cut prior to the 2011 season but then signed with the practice squad.  He spent one week on the practice squad before hip issues caused him some problems and the Vikings let him go.

As it stands right now, Asiata would again be competing with Ryan D’Imperio for playing time at the fullback position.

It looks like Raheem Morris is not the only guy the Vikings are interested in talking to about their Defensive Coordinator position, according to this report from Clark Judge at CBS Sports.

The report goes on to say that Steve Spagnuolo, the recently fired head coach of the St. Louis Rams, appears to be the front runner at this point.  Of course, Spagnuolo is well respected in the NFL as a defensive strategist, so it would not be surprising to see the Vikings getting stiff competition for his services.  It is somewhat expected that he will rejoin Andy Reid and the Eagles.

Mel Tucker, the interim head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, is another name mentioned along with Mike Singletary.

Morris is the only guy that is really known for running the Tampa-2 defense that Frazier holds in high esteem.  Both Singletary and Tucker could possibly be the first step towards a 3-4 defense, should one of them get the job.

Fred Pagac still is employed as the current Defensive Coordinator.  It is unknown if he will rejoin the team in a lesser role.

Morris interviewed for the position on Friday, but left Minnesota without a contract.

Leslie Frazier will want to have his coaching staff solidified soon, as it is now official that they will be coaching the Senior Bowl’s North Team starting about January 23rd.  The Redskins will coach the South team.

Karl Dunbar responded to being fired by the Vikings in this article at Access Vikings.

At points, Dunbar seemed perplexed that he was being fired since his defensive line played fairly well this season, but refuses to suggest he is getting a raw deal.

The reason he doesn’t think he’s getting a raw deal?

“They didn’t kill my wife and they didn’t kill my family,” Dunbar explained.  “They took care of my family. So no, I didn’t get a raw deal.”

I think Karl may want to redefine his personal meaning of the phrase “fair treatment,” as merely letting your family live does not qualify as fair treatment on its own.

All joking aside, Dunbar seemed grateful for his six years in Minnesota, and seems to have a fairly positive attitude about moving on to the next opportunity, which he will surely have his pick of.

What did strike me as an interesting statement from Dunbar suggests that Frazier’s supposedly complete control over his coaching staff may not be quite as complete as we have all been led to believe.

“Coach Frazier told me the ownership wanted to go in a different direction,” Dunbar said.


I thought ownership gave Frazier control of his coaching staff.

Reports are starting to surface that the Vikings have, as expected, officially parted ways with defensive line coach Karl Dunbar.

Some may find it funny that Dunbar, a fairly longstanding and respected member of the coaching staff, is being fired after one of his key players nearly broke the single season sack record.

The problem Leslie Frazier has with Dunbar may never be made public, but there are a few things to point towards when wondering why this has happened.

First, in May, Dunbar was charged with sexual assault and he received a restraining order as a result of the woman’s complaints.  That type of thing will never sit well with an organization trying to maintain a positive public image.

Secondly, I found it interesting that Jared Allen recently came out and enthusiastically defended defensive coordinator Fred Pagac but never said a word (that I heard or read, anyways) about what a great job Dunbar, his position coach, had been doing.  Allen is seemingly willing to fight tooth and nail for Pagac, which makes his silence on Dunbar even more telling.

Dunbar is likely the first of multiple coaching changes to be made on defense.

Pagac may or may not stay in his current role and may even be bound to leave the team all together.  We already passed along the fact that the Vikings are talking to Raheem Morris about a role on the defense.

Another interesting thing to throw into all of that, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. is a fairly connected guy within the Minnesota sports community, and he is under the impression that Mike Singletary will be the next defensive coordinator of your Minnesota Vikings.

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