Leslie Frazier and the Vikings organization made fans wait a week before learning the fate of cornerback Chris Cook, and even after a recent press release, the water is as murky as ever.

For now, Chris Cook will be on the Vikings roster but will not be allowed to participate in, well, anything… including Monday’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

The Vikings said that Cook, “”will remain on our 53 man roster but will not participate in our football activities at this time. We have met with Chris and spoken with his agent and have agreed that currently, Chris should focus on his off the field matters.”

Those “off the field matters” are a reference to Cook’s pending felony charges of strangulation after an October 22nd domestic abuse incident.

The Vikings could only suspend Cook for up to four weeks or else they would likely face a union grievance.  With his court date scheduled for November 22nd, they were essentially forced to activate him or cut him.  This decision could be reversed depending on the outcome of Cook’s legal situation.

Cook has shown promise in his first year and a half as an NFL player, but his injury and legal problems really have prevented him from truly becoming a guy that can be depended on.

The big question that will face the Vikings soon is whether or not anyone within the organization can help this young man turn his life around so that he can become not only a better football player but a better human being.

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