The Vikings occasionally make news by jumping across their northern border in search of CFL players that might be able to hack it in the NFL.

Linebacker Kenny Onatolu has played all 45 games since the Vikings swiped him from the CFL three years ago.  Receiver Manny Arceneaux was promoted this week and could make his first regular season appearance Sunday after the Vikings signed him to a contract this last offseason.

Once again, the Vikings are looking north to potentially get a jump start on bolstering the roster they bring into training camp next year.

Many of you will be happy to hear that it is an offensive lineman they have their eye on this time around.

B.C. Lions offensive tackle Jovan Olafioye is drawing significant interest from the NFL after playing both the left and right side of the line and not allowing a single sack in a championship season.  The Vikings and the Dolphins both put Olafioye through a workout this week. 

The Browns, Steelers, and Jets are also expected to get a close up look at 350 pound lineman over the next couple of weeks.

CFL players, by rule, cannot sign with an NFL team until January 2or later.  If the buzz surrounding Olafioye continues a bidding war might ensue once he can negotiate with teams, and it will be interesting to see if the Vikings decide to throw their hats in the ring.

Backup tackle Patrick Brown is the only offensive lineman due to see his contract expire after this season.

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